Houston Texas Meet?

  1. Well I still a rather new member, but I was wondering about a Houston Texas Meet. I am actually 2 hours from there but I think more people would be from houston than Beaumont Texas. Let me know what you think!
  2. I think they just had one about a month ago.
  3. oh well that sucks .. sorry i missed it .. maybe we can have another in the near future!
  4. Awww ..... looks like I missed that one too. :hysteric:

    I got excited when I saw "Houston Texas Meet". :crybaby:
  5. Well I am sure that we can plan another one .. if the people that went to the last one don't want to go, they don't have to. What do you think ...
  6. How does the week of March 25-31st sound for a second PF Houston meet? I am leaning towards Friday, March 30, 2007.
  7. I will be in San Antonio that week that is like the only time i can't do it. March 30 is my bday!
  8. lol. Happy early b-day!!! Will you be gone all that week? :sad:

    I can't do it all next week... my sis from DC is coming down for a week and I want to spend as much time at home with her and my BIL.
  9. we will be gone from march 25 to april 1
  10. Not to throw a kink in anything but may I suggest that we plan a little further ahead. :heart:

    Lots of us have work, school, kids, hubbies and such and need to plan ahead.

    I would love to go but need some notice b-cuz of work. if we can plan ahead 30-60 days I am positive that more will attend. :graucho:

    I have read where other cities planned months in advance and had really good turn outs
  11. ^^Great suggestion! I would love to come but I need more time to make it happen. Maybe last weekend of April? That's more than 5 weeks away.
  12. April sounds good to me! How about the 28th Everyone! What all do you do really at these gatherings ... I have never been to one.
  13. April sounds GREAT!!!! However... are we sure we want to do it on the weekend? There are always a lot of people on weekends. :hrmm:

    I'd much rather do it on a weekend, preferrably on a Thursday?
  14. OHH let me know....Pinky Speedy I live in Groves...not to far from you..yay Im so glad to see another golden triangle girl