Houston Texas Hermes Boutique

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm taking a trip out to Houston, TX next week and was wondering if any of you here have been to the store and know if they have goods like Birkins and Kelly's there. Is there a nice SA anyone has dealed with and can recommend me? thanks in advance for any info!!
  2. Hermes JPG is beautiful.
  3. I was just at the Houston Hermes yesterday. They have only one Birkin Ostrich thats all. Kelly they had a couple but I think they are just for display.

    As for a SA ask for Jill.. she is lovely and very helpful.
    Have fun..
  4. sophia, pls see list of houston inventory in the reference thread above. but I will PM u my SA name. enjoy your visit!
  5. I have seen Kelly's in the store but no birkins. The staff is very polite.
  6. I have been in there one time. They are very nice.
  7. I've been in there once, too, and they are ALL very nice and helpful. Good Luck, hope they have your DREAM bag!
  8. Sophia, the only birkin they had...a couple of days ago...was a vert anis 35cm ostrich. There was a white swift lindy, some Kelly's and trim bags.
  9. sophia_1688, I am excited to hear the outcome of your visit to the H store there! I wish that there will be a fresh H shipment with lots of goodies when you get there!

    Please keep us all updated!
  10. Have a great time, Sophia!!! good luck in your quest!!!
  11. thanks everyone,

    you all are so sweet for providing me info on the store and sa's names!! i'll let u guys know how my trip plans out.....as i only have one day to shop and work at the sametime.......lets hope i can get to the store!! wish me luck!!
  12. Lots and lots of luck - may your luck spilleth over!
  13. I've only briefly been to the store since I moved to Houston. They had a lot of evelynes but no kellys or birkins then..

    the SA were extremely helpful and very nice. I hope they have some goodies for you when you get there!!!!!

    (((sending all my good vibes)))