Houston shopping?

  1. Hi you fab Houston gals! TropicalGal is going to Houston for two days of shopping. I'll be staying at the Galleria. Can you give me any hints, tips, great shops for Houston?
    Outlets nearby? I'm all ears. Thanks!:woohoo:
  2. There aren't any very good outlet malls or anything like that, nearby. The closest would be San Marcos and that's about 3 hours or so away. Although if you can make the drive it's SO worth it.

    Other than that, the Galleria mall is just awesome. It's like an indoor Rodeo Drive.
  3. Can I get Mulberry in Houston?
  4. I think Nordstrom had Mulberry when I was there last, anyone confirm that?
  5. I called Nordstrom Galleria, and they said they didn't have it...but the sales guy didn't sound too "in the know." He confused Mulberry with Burberry!
  6. If you're staying at the Galleria then you are there as far as shopping goes!