Houston Question(s)

  1. Hello Houston Fans - just wanted to ask if anyone has a Beige Houston.
    And do you wear it often? Is it a good everyday purse? Are there any handle issues - I've heard on here, some shoulder bag tote handles fall off peoples shoulders. I want to make an informed decision before buying a pre-owned loved Houston. And the one I'm looking at is from 98.

    So, any comments would help. I've done a few searches on past posts, and some of the info was helpful.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi!

    I have several Houstons (no beige, tho). The handles will stay on my shoulder as long as I am not wearing a heavy coat. Usually I hold the bag by the handles and just put it on my shoulder when I need it out of the way or my hands are full.

    I like how open the Houston is when unzipped - I think it is easy to get in/out of. Plus, the bottom has only a tiny trim of vachetta - very practical.

    Good luck with your decision! Buying a second hand bag is a good idea; there are a lot of nice Houstons out there.
  3. I have the beige and the framboise Houstons. As for the straps, they stay on like suedoc said, if your coat isn't too bulky. Even so, the outer strap will tend to slip down just as most all shoulder bags with two straps will. I do use the beige often just because it goes with so much but I don't like how the older Houston's don't have cell phone pockets. That's really my only complaint about the beige one.
  4. That's the first vernis sytle I fell in love with! The Houston is so pretty! Then I found out about Spring Street (I didn't know about it at first cause it's a discontinued style now). I love both styles.