Houston Prime Outlet

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  1. Anyone been lately?

    I called and I know they have the pleated ergo tote in black. Just curious if there were any other bags and/or accessories worth making the drive for.
  2. I was there today, they have some new stuff in the window. And a lady bought the black pleated ergo tote. It's sooo cute!! I saw 2 of them on display. They got new ponytail scarves. Signature stripe floral stuff, Heritage stripe stuff. And other stuff, just can't remember it all.
  3. ^^ Did you get anything? :smile:

    When I was there a few weeks ago it was not that great, but it may have been because I went on a Tuesday. I think the selection varies from time of day and day of the week.
  4. I called again today and she told me they had some of the signature stripe totes, the pleated totes but really that was it.

    I guess I'm not missing anything lol.