Houston or Roxbury?


Which bag for Vernis

  1. Houston

  2. Roxbury

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which do you prefer? I cannot decide I love the Roxy but the Houston might be better since it's a tote style, but then again for Vernis Roxy is more going out looking...ahhh help!
  2. I Love the Houston it's a very pretty size!
    I think it's a totally cute bag
    I vote Houston!:woohoo:
  3. roxbury!!~
  4. Love my Rox!!!!
  5. Roxbury! Especially since you're looking for something that can go into the evening hours.
  6. Roxbury all the way.
  7. Roxbury..I own it in pomme and love love love it...
  8. Although I admire the Roxbury and think it is beautiful, I see the Houston as more practical whereas the Roxbury more an evening bag, I guess it depends for what purpose you want it.
  9. Well I have the Roxbury but don't want two bags in the same color (Pomme) so was thinking of getting the houston instead? But I really do love the roxbury!
  10. I totally agree! Roxbury gets my vote as well.
  11. Well, I know I'm in the minority, but I've never liked the Roxbury. My vote went to the Houston!
  12. Roxbury! I want one!!!
  13. I vote Roxbury. But if you're looking for a tote considering you already have a Rox, I prefer the Brentwood over the Houston.
  14. I like the roxbury because it is a different shape and style, and it can be hand held and a shoulder bag.
  15. I love the Roxbury over the Houston, but since you already have a Rox ... what about the 2 new larger Vernis bags -- Summit Drive (the bowly one) and Rosewood Avenue (like a popincourt long)...