houston or brentwood in pomme vernis


brentwood or houston in vernis pomme

  1. Houston is sooo much hotter in vernis pomme...

  2. Brentwood is the better bag in vernis pomme....

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  1. what are your thoughts.......
  2. i prefer the way the straps attatch on the brentwood. the houston looks kind of ...... i don't know. it just lacks a certain 'something' the brent has.

    good luck! either way, the bag you pick is going to be a gorgeous one!
  3. I love the style of the Brentwood but don't like how the lining is textile, not leather like the Houston's. The Houston's is so much easier to wipe up easily if need and I'd go with that one instead.
  4. Brentwood!!! It's rommier and best of all, you get to adjust the straps! Also Brentwood looks better on me than Houston......have you consider them in Perle and add a Pomme accessory to it, like cles or coeur?
  5. thanks everyone...any pics of someone modelling the Houston...I could only find pics of the brentwood being modelled....
  6. I am a little person and prefer the Houston. The Brentwood look wayyy too big on me! They are BOTH gorgeous in the pomme, but it all depends on your preference! Try them on and see what you think! I have the Houston and LOVE IT! :love:
  7. LVpug-have u try them both? what do you think?
  8. I LOOOOVE the Brentwood in Pomme!!! Roomier than the Houston. I tried both bags on and the Brentwood seemed a better fit for me even though I am petite. The Brentwood fits all of my daily things and then some!

    My SA said that she has heard from some of her customers who have said that the Houston is hard to carry on the shoulders because of how it "fans" out at the bottom so the bag doesn't rest against you comfortably. Very beautiful bag, though, and I like the fact that it has leather interior.
  9. Brentwood. That may be because I'm so fixated on it right now.
  10. Houston because it has washable lining. I like the size much better than the Brentwood. Although, the straps for the Brentwood are longer. Some people can't carry the Houston on their shoulders.
  11. between the wide bottom of Brentwood and shorter&non adjustale straps of Houston, I'd much rather go with Brentwood's adjustable straps, besides it's more room for the same pirce of Houston.
  12. I am think the brentwood is better on pettie frame---can some one tell me how does it holds up.
    The sale rep told me that it is very easy to scratch the leather..
  13. well it's Vernis after all, so it does require more attention than good ol Mono/Damier. If you do a search, there's been ton's of disuss of how to care for Vernis etc. But my conclusion is if you treat ur bags w/caution-do sitting on ground/printed marterial, bumping around, no leaving in car during summer, it should be fine. It's realy not that fragile, many pp use their Perle agendas daily for years and they still look brand new.
  14. Brentwood. Love the adjustable straps and narrower bottom. It's just taller than the Houston by by five inches.
  15. I like the brentwood.