Houston Opinions

  1. I have 2 speedies. I love them for so many reasons but one is that it is such a light bag. I have one shoulder bag left. And now I'm thinking of the houston for the ONLY reason that I really want something in Pomme. I've looked at every pomme item and this is the only bag I think I would use. I need to know, from those of you that own one, what is your opinion of them. Are they heavy? Do you use it a good amount of the time. I'm thinking of the pomme and wondering if it's something I can use in the cold, snowy, rainy east coast? Is it easy to care for?

    Thanks so much for your (never ending) help!
  2. Houston is a lovely bag and will be beautiful in Pomme not heavy at all. I don't think LV would make all these bags that wouldn't tolerate rain, snow, and sleet. After all they are from France were these elements of nature do occur. Maybe you can baby it a little until you're comfortable with using it during bad weather.
  3. The Houston is a really light bag..I have it in beige and framboise and they're great bags! Plus, they're great for using in light rain because the water just rolls off of the vernis. Just keep the straps covered if you're worried about them turning too dark.
  4. While the Houston bag is beautiful, I find it uncomfortable to carry. The body of the bag is hard and bulky so your arm sticks out unless you put the bag behind your arm, and the straps are a tad too short making it a tight fit with a coat, or totally not do-able for some with or without a coat. I think the Brentwood is an improved version of the Houston. I am not sure what color choices the Brentwood comes in.
  5. I agree. :yes:
  6. I agree! The opening is a bit tight (width-wise) and it's so structured that I felt like I needed to yank it open at the boutique when I tried it on...
  7. I personally prefer the Brentwood- same price, nicer hardware, and a better shape (in my opinion):

  8. ^^Only problem is that the lining is textile, while the Houston's lining is leather. I actually like the leather lining a lot better. :yes:
  9. I LOVE my Houston in Pomme! And have used it in Chicago's snowy, wet, cold weather and it's fine! Perfect as a matter of fact!! :yes::yes: