Houston Gym Recs

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good gym inside the loop? Thanks!
  2. Memorial Park (lol.. sorry - don't know of any gyms.. .)
  3. Hey!!
    I'm looking for the exact same thing!!

    I've found the Bikram yoga center and have going there, but I have yet to join a gym... I believe your choices inside the loop are 24hr fitness and Bally.

    I used to go to the Houston country club because of my parents, but it was too far of a drive for everyday workout.

    Let me know if you find anything!
    I'll do the same as well!
  4. Hey, I did a search on Gyms/fitness center in Houston and I found several that sounds promising1

    Fitness Exchange - more info »</SPAN>
    4040 Milam St # 100, Houston, TX
    (713) 524-9932 - close call

    Houston Gym - more info »</SPAN>
    1501 Durham Dr, Houston, TX
    (713) 880-9191 - close call -
    Coupons »

    FIT Athletic Club - more info »</SPAN>
    1532 W Gray St, Houston, TX
    (713) 529-1515 - close call -

    Your Body Center - more info »</SPAN>
    1415 California St, Houston, TX
    (713) 874-0800 - close call -

    They all got very good reviews and they are not one of those chain gyms, but local ones..

    The last one, Your Body Center, is not a fitness gym, but if you are looking to take on different kinds of pilates/yoga classes, it looks promising as well.