Houston Area Texas Hot Stamp Locations

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  1. Hi All, I will be in the Houston area in a little over two weeks. Does anyone know what locations have the state of Texas hot stamp? I have the luggage tags from my keepalls I will be bringing with me. Thanks for your help!
  2. I’m not sure since I never asked, but Houston Galleria mall literally has 3 LVs in it ( Saks, Nordstrom, LV stand-alone), so your chances are good, I’d guess!
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  3. I know Dallas store has the Texas states stamp. I never heard of Houston having the same stamp as well. Please report back if you find the Texas state stamp in Houston. Thank you!
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  4. I will post a update if I can find the Texas hot stamp in Houston. I called to ask LV customer service and the person I spoke with did not have a answer for me
  5. Nope. Customer service won’t know those kind of things. Most sa won’t know either unless their store happen to have the special hot stamp. Austin store has guitar and Dallas store ( the one closest to highland park) has the Texas state stamp. I never heard of Houston having any special stamp but you never know. :biggrin:
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  6. The LV boutique in Houston Galleria has hot stamping but never knew they have anything special.
    Austin LV has as well. I got my guitar stamp there.
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  7. Hi Kevinh73, I have a friend who lives in Frisco, TX and she said she would take my tags to the store closest to Highland Park for me, is this the North Park Mall location?

    Thanks so much for your help
  8. Thanks to some fabulous members on here I was able to get my tags hot stampeded with the state of Texas. The store that had the stamp was actually in Dallas. The client advisors I spoke to were absolutely amazing, and so very helpful.

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  9. Same. I love my guitar hot stamp!
  10. Where in Dallas? Which boutique?
  11. Northpark Mall, the stand alone Women’s store.
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