Houston area ladies?

  1. Any houston are coach lovers?

    I'd love to meet up and have some TPF meetings!
  2. I'm in the NW Houston area. I'd love to meet up with some other TPF coachies!
  3. im from houston, well actually a little town about 40 miles north of houston called new caney. anyone know where that is? lol. but now i live in austin for school. i will be home for summer (long ways away) and would love to meet up with fellow TPF members in houston!!!!
  4. League City Here
  5. the Woodlands (when I am in Houston)
  6. Katy but I work in the Heights
  7. My DH worked in New Caney when we lived in Houston back in 1997-98. Now we're outside of Dallas.
  8. There's a tpf meet in Jan. in Dallas if some gals are willing to travel....check my sig out.
  9. Tomball! I would love a meet! :yahoo:
  10. thats funny. no one ever knows where new caney is, so i usually end up saying a small town outside of houston. lol.
  11. When I lived in Houston, I never heard of it until he got a job there. And I used to work in Tomball (*waves at Taralindsey*). Small small world at times....

  12. I use to go there in high school for FFA contests. LOL Yall would kick our butts. Also, my parents live in Tomball so I travel there every weekend for visits and once a month to get my hair done.
  13. haha i was in ffa when i was in high school (i graduated in 2006) and i was on the skills team and we actually got 2nd in state. lol. new caney is all about ffa!
  14. Texas City here! about 30 something miles SE of Houston :yes:
  15. I used to live in Tomball.