Houston Area Coach Question

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  1. Galleria or The Woodlands Coach store. Which is better? They are equal distance for me. THT!
    Going for the sig slim framed wallet tomorrow!!!!!
  2. IMO, definitely go to the Woodlands. I made a mistake and went to the Galleria store and asked them to hold some items for me. The manager herself told me that they would hold it for 48 hours. I called after a day and they told me that all my items were put back on the shelf, no matter what the manager told me. And I was going to go in a buy a large amount of items!! That had me :hysteric: So, I went to a different mall near me and gave them my business.

    Besides, the Galleria is like a zoo right now, WAY too busy. So to make a long story short :roflmfao: , I'd head for the Woodlands.

    ~A fellow Houston Coach shopper
  3. i prefer the GALLERIA =]

    they always have what i need

    but ive never been to the woodlands Coach Store
  4. I had thought that the Galleria would have a larger selection than my local Coach store, which is why I went there first. But my local Coash store ended up having everything that the Galleria did, and the local store here is a little bit smaller. I was surprised in that respect. But if you prefer one mall over the other, just go to the one you prefer because they should all have the same items. Just my 2 cents, which usually don't amount to much. ;)
  5. I just went to both this past weekend, trying to find what I wanna buy for my 25% off- no luck:sad:
    The galleria was more crowded- woodlands seemed to have a slightly better selection and SAs were more helpful. HOWEVER- the Galleria has a lot of amazing handbags to go and drool over. I went to Fendi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and drooled and petted 'em. Way fun.
  6. Thought I'd give ya'll a report back on The Woodlands. Busy, but I did expect that, I wasn't blown away by my SA, I never had one single girl helping me, and one of them never had any answers to anything, and than I had to wait sooooo long to pay, it was dissapointing. But I am crazy about the black leather Carley I came home with. Oh and the Legacy black signature framed slim wallet! Merry Christmas to me. (I got a few things for the hubby and kids too.) Woo -hoo!
  7. Congrats on the great buys!! :yahoo: Thanks for the update! Post pictures if/when you can. :yes: