1. Anyone have any ideas for gifts for someone who housesits? I dont really want to give money as they are family friends. They are housesitting for a week. Any ideas will be appreciated. I am leaving a big gift basket with food on the counter. But other then that I am clueless!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Selena...that is perfect...we also leave a gift basket for our housesitter..we also leave a $100 so they can get take out one night, with take out menus in the area right by the money....I know you mentioned no cash..but they LOVE it!!
  3. Since they are family friends, maybe you can take them to dinner when you get back or give them a gift card as an extra appreciation for their help.

    I'd be jumping off the walls just for getting a gift basket though.
  4. i housesit for family friends and cash is juuuust fine :smile: I'm also younger and they're older though. But I think taking them out to dinner or giving them a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or bringing something back from your trip too is good.
  5. Gift Certificates To Restaurants..etc....
  6. Are you going away? You could bring them back something from wherever you're going. If they're 21+ & drink a nice bottle of wine is always a good gift.
  7. I agree with this. A little something from the place you're going to would be nice.
  8. selena, i'll bag sit for your bags for you! :graucho:
  9. The gift basket already sounds nice, but gift certificates would be a good addition too.

    I housesit occassionally and have noticed that when I do so for people who are older or more established than me (like full professors at school who are in their fifties or above) they give cash -- like $10-20/day -- and everyone is comfortable with that. If I sit for an especially long time, they might give a gift (champagne, dinner out, etc) too.

    When I house or catsit for people more my own age or other grad students/younger profs, they tend to give gift-certificates or bottles of wine.

    I act the same way -- if I get a teenager or college student to do something for me, I give cash. If a colleague or older person does something, like substitute for a class, I give gifts.
  10. my bf's sister housesits for us. i usually buy her a little gift basket of makeup or bath products, she's pretty girly and loves that stuff (but who doesn't).
  11. I've always thought leaving food for your housesitter is pretty much requisite unless you went out of your way to purchase favorites of your housesitter.
  12. giftcertificates for a nice restaurant is a good idea.
  13. bring back souvenirs???