Housemate woes!

  1. Just wanted a place to vent! I am moving with my boyfriend but I still have a lease that will be ending this summer. For a while now I've been moving things out bit by bit. I usually lock my room but thought since I will be moving the next day I left it unlock. I come back the next day to find that one of my housemates, without my permission, put her junk in my room (bike, old rug, tennis ball bin)! I hate when people are inconsiderate like that. Even though it is vacant I am still paying rent and utilities (which I'm not using) for my room and I don't like being walked over. Now I'm so fed up I want to sublet it as soon as possible. Arg...feels so good to just let it all out!

  2. Your housemate sounds annoying! You're too nice to be paying for utilities you aren't using. If she plans on using your room, perhaps she sould pay for it!
  3. Ugh how rude. some people never consider other people's feelings!
    she has no right at all to do that.. you should be honest and say what you feel.
  4. Thanks for the support! :smile: My boyfriend always says I get walked over because I try to avoid confrontations. Hopefully I'll learn from this experience.
  5. Definitely confront her, even if it's not in an aggressive way, just to let her know that it was not okay for her to use your room as storage for her stuff.
  6. I would definetely talk to her about it. That is YOUR space, and she should have at least asked before she moved her stuff in out of some semblance of respect. This sort of reminds me of a time in college when I lived in a suite. I was assigned in a room with a bigger closet than my other suitemate. When I moved in, her stuff was in my room. She was like, "Sorry, I didn't ask yet, but I thought you'd be ok with switching rooms so I saved the trouble of moving my stuff twice." I was like, "I don't think so honey! I need closet space for my shoes, clothes, and PURSES!"
  7. That sounds like what my roommate did while I was living in my first...and only...dorm room! People are rude rude rude!!!!

    I hated the university, and at the time I still didn't have my drivers license (though I'd had a car for the last two years...yes I know, loser me). My SO would come get me and take me out to dinner, shopping, and back to his house nearly every day after classes, to the point where I was primarily staying there (only sleeping in my dorm once or twice a week). I finally told her that I was moving out for good, essentially without anyones permission, taking my stuff back to my parents (who lived 45 minutes away, and fully understood my plight), and staying mostly at SO's house. I came back the day after saying this, and she had pushed all of my stuff into the corner, brought in giant real Christmas tree, fully decorated with lights and ornaments, and a FULL SIZE MASSAGE TABLE, on which she was massaging her half naked friend :wtf: She had even "reported me" to the school for moving off the premises without permission, without notifying anyone (I was a freshman, apparently there are rules about that kind of thing as a first year, but I didn't care, and neither did my parents). And people WONDER why my parents bought me a house to live in and I switched to a better school. This girl would sit on her bed at night while I'm trying to study, with a giant container of Edy's Brownie Ice cream, and yell full volume at the TV (yankees games)...with her "5 steps to being thin" note cards on the wall...yeah...really bad experience.
  8. aaggh! dont you hate that! throw her stuff out the window!!! haha... OR put your stuff in her room and show her how it feels!
  9. That sounds rude and inconsiderate! Well, think that you are lucky you won't see them again!
  10. I guess I don't see the big deal. If I left a vacant room in the apartment, I would be happy to let my roommates store their stuff there. Why just leave all that space empty just to be stubborn? I don't think anyone's "walking all over" you.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. I had a room mate who would WEAR MY SHOES if I didn't lock them up in my room. I got so fed up from her taking all of my stuff without permission that I decided to move out and she had the NERV to blame all of our 'up sets' on me. Saying that I was inconsiderate and how I flash my things around and how she only did that on mistake.

    I'm sorry, but if all of your bags are backpacks and you take my nice Dior for a joyride, I don't think you would believe that this Dior is all of a sudden something you purchased last month.