Housebreaking is breaking me *SOS*

  1. I've read 4 or 5 books, I'm seeing a trainer and I'm STILL annoyed.
    Maybe it's because I'm a control freak? :yes:

    We went an entire WEEK, Yoko is 13 weeks old and (excuse me) poops 3 times a day and pees and ungodly amount.... so a week was a LOT of perfectly placed paper-trained poops and pees RIGHT??? RIGHT?!?!

    My lord.

    So, she eats 3 tortilla chips she's found on the floor, and, yep, you guessed it...when it comes time to pass them it hurts.
    That was two days ago.
    Ever since, she's BACK TO SQUARE ONE.

    I mean SERIOUSLY square one. She isn't even sniffing around before she passes anything, she's just GOING, and usually within a few meters from her papers.

    How often is it possible to go BACK TO SQUARE ONE with housetraining????
    I'm worried it's going to try my patience like gangbustas.

    HELP veteran doggies owners.
  2. Eek! What is your method for pottytraining? are you consistent? do you praise Yoko every time she goes? Do you punish her if she is bad? Does she get put in her kennel? Does Yoko go outside or on pee pads?

    Sometimes one little thing can make it all go wrong again, Maya has lapsed a few times since she's been potty trained, and I had to re-train her, although I will say it took no time at all for her to get back into the habit. I know its frustrating, but try to have patience, she'll learn!! Sometimes our little babies can be sensitive. :smile:
  3. Winona, I feel your pain. Every dog is different, every damn book is different. Helpful, huh? It takes a while for the human and the puppy to get in sync, and it's true, any little thing can throw off that rhythm.
    Regardless of what routine you go with, CONSISTENCY is what matters. Animals are very methodical that way, unlike us humans. Within reason, limit the puppy's food and water intake. Don't leave a bowl of food out for munching, and if you're around all day, offer water at regular intervals, and then not too much at one time. Trust me, the puppy will be fine, and it will help you to be in charge of when she goes, not the other way round. Take her out about 5 min. after she eats or drinks, without fail.

    It's a grueling process, house-breaking, but if you just get Zen about the process, and don't fight it, you'll be fine. BTW, at 13 weeks, it's all about the pee and poo: play, eat, poop, sleep, pee, repeat. Oh sorry...did you say you had a LIFE??? Nope, you've got a puppy. Best news? they do finally get it.
    Good luck!:heart:
  4. I soooooo feel your pain. My Shih tzu Chloe is a year this week. It took me 9, yes 9 freakin' months of consistancy to house train her and I still have to put her in her kennel at night to sleep. And now I have my baby boxer who is only 3 months......still housetraining! Its long, its grueling and frustruating but BELIEVE me if I was able to train Chloe (my shih tzu) I honestely believe ANYONE can train ANY DOG, animal or beast! She is the most stubborn in the entire world.
    Stay consistant you can do this~
  5. Well, since it's occasionally -25 outside she's using pads ;)
    She is fed at the same time everyday, I've figured out her routine. The problem is that she was afraid of going (the tortilla chips hurt) and now waits until she HAS to go and goes anywhere.

    So, I've obviously made sure she can't get at anything other than her food, including any pointy tortilla chips ;)
    And I've kept her in the kitchen/back entry rooms all day because her pads are there.

    It worked tonight! She went on the pad and got a lot of praise, but after she went she had the "hangdog" look. ears back, really sheepish.
    I never scolded her when she made a mistake, I did however let her know gently that I wasn't pleased and showed her the pad.

    Anyhow, I'm still worried about the retraining thing. I mean, does a 2 year old dog go through this a lot?

    I've never had a dog before, am I dealing with Baby stuff? Or are dogs just like this.
  6. Awwh poor baby, she's afraid to go now since it hurt her! Its kind of cute, although I can say that from over here. :smile: I'm not sure if you are using a cleaner that is meant to get rid of dog smells, but its important to try and get the scent out of the carpet, because of course they'll go in the same spot. My dog is 1 1/2 years old and a few months ago she began pooping on the living room carpet for no apparent reason. It only took a couple days to get her back to normal.
    I would try using treats again, cutting up pieces of carrot is good for training because its not fattening so you can give them more.
    It might make a difference where you place the pad as well
  7. Oh God Winona, I feel your pain. My pup is 12 weeks old & I'm going through housebreaking hell right now too! I can take him out, he'll go pee/poo outside & then as soon as I let him back in, he'll go on my rug~ugh

    We have good days & bad days. I'm trucking through this though as everyone says it gets better. I feed Bentley 2x day. Last feeding is at 4:30pm. He sleeps in his crate all night & has yet to have an accident. I never thought he could make it through the night until I met with the vet last week & he suggested I try it. I take him out after every meal & once in between. I think i'm outside at least 6 x a day with him. Now it's in the teen's with 7 inches of snow on the ground, making it even more fun~ Sorry, I had to vent with you! I know I'm not much help LOL.
  8. heres a very helpful article: Housetraining 101
    what kind of dog did you say she was?
  9. Thirteen weeks is still quite young. I have found that puppies sometimes get distracted playing and forget to "go" when they are supposed to--and then go when and where they are when they NEED to go.

    I understand how the pointy poo would be a deterrent--poor thing. I sure hope she gets over that soon!

    It's important to be extremely consistent when training dogs--I know it's frustrating! I've never had a dog who couldn't be trained, but it can take awhile. I hope it gets better!!!
  10. The chips really should not have been a problem to her, unless they gave her an upset tum, as they go soft in the stomach. 13 weeks is still very young to grasp toilet training, some dogs pick it up quicker than others. If she is having problems going or reluctant to go I would have her check out at the vets as puppies pick up all sorts of things and eat them.
    I know its a pain but she should as she gets older get the hang of it. Good Luck
  11. I feel for you. I have a 17 week old Chihuahua. I will tell you that she has improved greatly in the last 3 weeks. I was the one that needed more training. She would go the minute I was not paying attention.

    Initially I pushed the pad training. I have read that some dogs instincts fight pad training. My dog prefers to go outside rather than use a pad. I want her to use a pad some because I want to travel with her. I take her outside 95%. Even if it is raining. At first take her to the same spot. As she gets better try a few different areas. You want her to be able to go in a variety of situations. My girl will go on a median, in gravel, in the rain or sleet, and on a pad that I unfold on the cement outside my car. It makes having her with me easy.(which is all the time)

    I am having a problem with my girl going in the crate, occaionally. I have been gradually increasing crate time. I don't make her use it enough. I do know that the foster parents were not training the pups to go outside. They were all going in their crate with the mother. She sleeps with me, and so far so good.

    I pet sit for a Chi that was allowed to go on a small covered patio. She is a real problem to get to go outside or if we are out and about. She will potty in the house, UGH! Her owner did her no favors. I am trying to work with her, but I may quit sitting for her. She won't go if it is cold, hot, raining,etc. Too damn particular.

    Don't put the pad in different places in your home or in a room. She is not seeing the difference in the floor or the pad. Leave a tiny bit of poo on the pad, until she gets it.

    Even though you think you are consistant, you may not be. When you get up, throw on a robe and take her right out. Even if it is cold, take her out. After all night she will have to go. You might not have time to do anything else before you take her out. Fix your coffee and breakfast before you feed her in the a.m. Feed her, don't wait long 5 minutes, take her out. If she does not go, try 5 minutes later. You will eventually be able to time her. If she goes outside, and then goes again, she did not have time to finish. My Chi goes #1 a little, then #2, and sometimes #1 again, especially in the a.m.

    When awake she probably can't hold it longer than 3 hours. Add one hour for each month of age. I can't tell exactly what kind of dog yours is. If she is a toy breed, she might never be able to hold it for much longer, except when sleeping. If you play with a dog for even a few minutes, they will usually have to go very soon.

    It sounds like you are doing pretty well. You just need a few more weeks of special attention.

    As said above, all dogs are different.
  12. Winona, I think we are in the same boat! Prince is 4 months old tomorrow and we are still having troubles. He is really good about #1 on his paddy but #2 is pretty much wherever he feels the urge. I've put little poopies on his paddy and still nothing. He's very particular about his paddy too - he'll use it just one time then I have to change it or he goes right beside it. He doesn't tolerate the kennel, he scratches until his paws are literally bloody. I've tried keeping him in a bathroom too, still scratches at the door and trim until his little paws are raw. This leads me to think that he wasn't treated very well before he came to me. This in turn just makes me baby him more. We'll get though it, and so will you. Sending good potty thoughts your way............}
  13. Oh man holly went through that use the pad once phase and then just pee next to it. IT DROVE ME CRAZY!! I'm so happy that I stuck through the housetraining phase, without going crazy. It was especially hard, because I had to move 3 times in one year. I felt like I had to retrain her each time.

    Holly loves her kennel so you might want to stick that out. I found it really helpful during the potty phase, because doggies don't want to sleep in their pee or #2s.

    and Winona you might want to put down 2 puppy pads down in the house where she seems to go the most, and when you see her start to go pick her up and put her on the puppy pad. It's been 2 years and I still keep 2 puppy pads around. One in the laundry room relatively close to her kennel, and one up stairs in the back corner of the extra bedroom. It's weird though, because she uses downstairs to pee, and upstairs to #2.

    Anyways.. good luck and stick with it!
  14. I never got into the puppy pads. I went straight to training my puppy (now 12!) to going outside. I didn't want to have to teach her one habit and then have to break that and teach her to go out. The crate when she was a pup really helped too. dogs won't go to the bathroom where they sleep. You just have to make sure the crate isn't too big. If it is you have to block off a part of it so she doesn't try to go to the bathroom in the extra space. All of that really worked for us. We had her housebroken w/ in about 3 weeks. I would take her out shortly after she ate or drank anything.
  15. Thanks everyone!!! Even to the fellow venters!! ;) I'm glad I'm far from alone on this.

    Saich, the chips were totally poking through her BM after she went, you are right, they should have logically softened but they didn't, I'm not sure why??? Maybe because it's so forgein to her body or something??? SHe;s only had one type of food since birth, and that night 'tortilla night' I could HEAR her tummy growling through the kennel!

    NO accidents since first report.
    Going on pads consistently.

    SHUSHOPN- I initially wanted to train directly outdorrs for that reason, but it was/is just too cold here and she is too small to handle it, and putting a sweater on her is way to distracting when she's learning to form a habit.

    Actually Yoko is super weird. When we go out to visit people for the day she WILL NOT go. I'm talking 6 hours. I'll bring a pad, I'll take her for a quick walk and, NOTHING.
    The moment she comes home she'll RUN to her spot and go.
    I feel badly for her for holding it, I really sweet talk her while we're out, coaxing her... but nothing *sigh*
    I'm worried she's going to be a neurotic pooper and pee-er.
    Oh well, things could be worse.
    I could still have two kids in diapers too. :wtf:

    Thanks again!!!!