House Training the older dog.

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  1. I am thinking of getting a "retired" show papillon:heart: who is four years old. I know she will have better toilet control than a puppy but will she be harder to house train?Anyone found it too hard to housetrain an older dog?
    I have only trained puppies for inside, not a full grown dog.
  2. I have a pom that I got at 6 months and I still have not been able to train him because he had a doggy door at the breeder so he never had to ask to go out.
    So I would like to hear some ideas too.
  3. Hmm I am honestly not sure. Hopefully someone else will chime in for some advice.

    BTW--love Papillons! They are so cute. Can't wait to see pics :smile:
  4. The easiest way to house train a dog is with a crate and constant supervision. When you can't watch him put him in the crate. I know it sound kinda harsh but it is only temporary. Take him out often with a treat reward evey time his does his business in the right place. If they never get to have an accident in the house they will never think it is okay. Most dogs learn in a couple of weeks.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions, we are still yet to meet the doggy and make a final decision.
  6. Also, it helps to teach them the words OUTSIDE and PEE, or POO, or whatever you want to call it. When they pee outside say pee, good boy, bla bla bla....when you go outside, say OUTSIDE, make a point of it. This helps with the process.

    If they pee inside, say outside.....and scoop them up and go outside! eventually it all jells.....

    Older dogs learn words quite easily, behaviors may take a bit longer....
  7. Most of the dogs I got from rescue were older. Unless they were incognant, I've had very good luck with potty training. One we got a large pom at 1.5 years who the best dog ever. She would literally start going hysterical, jumping back and forth when she had to go. There was no doubt what she had to do. If we had to leave her home for a while, she never had an accident. Only in the beginning for a couple of months did she have mistakes when she wasn't trained. I wasn't familiar with crate training then, but I'd just praise her when she went outside and would show her the spot and said "no" if it was inside. If it was poop, I'd scoop it up and carry her out at the same time and let her know where it was supposed to be. I realize dogs are different and respond differently, but that was effective for her.