house suggestions

  1. I don't even know where to start with all I want to do this fall with our home.

    I think that I am going to go to a store and have some "professionals" help me get ideas of where to begin.

    Do you guys have any good stories from home depot, menards, ace...any store that might be best for me to go to? I also would love to know who has really great prices!!!

    Thanks so much for the help!

  2. I know you said you didn't know where to begin, but what is it that you want to do? Are you talking about structural things, or just redecorating?
  3. what specifically are you doing?
  4. I love IKEA, they are the best
  5. I love Pottery Barn
    Go online to a bunch of funriture web sites and order free catlogs , that way you can see what they have and see if you like it
  6. Kirklands has some really nice things and they are suprisingly pretty cheap!
  7. Pier One, Crate and Barrel. Those are 2 of my fav. stores.
  8. sorry I wasn't more specific!

    we are changing up the look of everything. A room at a time. Right now I want to start with carpeting the basement family room and redecorating the livingroom. Then i'll move onto the kitchen:yes:
  9. ^ I did that last year..I did one room at a time.....I started by throwing everything out and buying new .,..I painted walls & ceilings....changed window treatments etc.....You have to know what look you are going for before you start....I wanted a clean,updated modern contemporary style: ie) think Spiegel catalogue...I shopped everywhere to find the perfect accessories/knick knacks etc...I did a TON on the web....Some of my fav stores to get cool stuff are Pier One & Marshalls (believe it or not!..The TJ Maxx here has some cool home accessories too.....I even replaced all the floors/carpets....It took me a year to do...I spent a ton of $$ but it wasn't all at once..Our home needed serious updating but it's all worth it!!! Our kitchen was redone 2 years ago..and in about two weeks all the windows & siding are being replaced....Hence this is why you don't see me posting any new bags I said...totally worth it!!! Take your time & pace yourself..think it through...and remember Rome wasn't built in a day lol!!!!!
  10. I love Ikea!! I watch HGTV like it's my religion and I swear almost everything they use on their shows are from Ikea. It's really nice clean modern stuff without the big price tag.
  11. OOo Our home is a IKEA home! from the kitchen to the sitting rooms... I love it.. and I loooooooooooooooooove pier 1!!! wish we had it here..
  12. ARGGG!!! I didn't even think of pier 1! :nuts:

    Today I made the trip all the way to Target:rolleyes: I found a couple of cute things to work into things!

    1. I found this pillow at a antique shop! It is soooooo comfortable and works right with our bedroom! $4!!! :wlae:

    2. I got these at a cute little shop..they go in the garden and the black one actually holds a candle...they have long poles to put into the ground. I am going to keep one and give one to my in-laws for Christmas. LOVE THEM!!! $10 each!!!!!


    3. I found this postcard and it spoke to me. I have done a fabulous job with Tate;)


    And now i've discovered online clearance shopping! This is going to become really fun:girlsigh:

    Thanks again everyone for your help! And emmy i'm trying but I want to do it all at once! Must pace myself!
  13. Lowe's, Bombay...Ill post more if I remember...
  14. Tonight I'm heading out to do some more shopping. EVerytime I head out to find things for the house I end up with more Christmas gifts for everyone!!!!

    Anyone else started their shopping yet?