House Plants

  1. Does anyone have a "green thumb" when it comes to house plants? I bought six little Baby's Tears plants right after Christmas and two died completely, two are half-dead and two are doing fine.

    I would appreciate any advice on how to keep them alive and healthy. Also, if you could recommend any other small-ish house plants that would like nice in my kitchen, I would appreciate that too.

  2. I've found great information online about any house plant I've wondered about. Just google the name, and "caring for."

    I haven't grown that particular plant, but most do well for me. Apparently a lot of people over water plants--most are from tropical climates, so they do best if they are allowed to dry out, then receive a good watering with slightly warm water. (This simulates their natural climate--they get dry, then they get a lot of warm water from rain.) Lots of light is good too!

    Best of luck!
  3. Everything alive I've ever owned has died. :sad:
    Plants. Fish. Even doggies (that one wasn't my fault though, poor little guy had a weak heart). :sad:
  4. Orchids are great if you care for them correctly and have a good window with lots of light. I know enough to let my husband take care of them, but they will bloom for upwards of 6 months if they are happy. I have Phaelenopsis orchids. Even in Chicago they are doing great (indoors) even though they are tropical.
  5. Lucky bamboo is very easy to care for, although it's not a house plant per se. It does have a tendency to grow quite well and needs indirect light and enough water to cover the root ball.

    Litigatrix, orchids are my favourite flower to work with for weddings, and to have around too.
  6. I think you are doing Ok if two pots are doing fine! Plants really like me, for some reason. I have lots and have rescued some left behind by neighbors: spider plants, moon plants, aloe vera, money trees, violets, poinsetta, and lots of snake plants (or mother-in-law-tongue) and lots and lots of these:[​IMG]

    You can find them anywhere! You can even take a leaf and place it in water for a few days, add some dirt and you will have a plant forever! There is NO way this plant will die on you. Of course, you have to water it often, but if you forget and it looks sad, just water it and it comes right back! I have had orchids and they are delicate (require certain light, air, soil, etc.) They are beautiful!

    Remember that plants will let you know if they like their designated spot. You have to move them around to find out where they like to be (sunny area or not, etc.) and also how much water they require. Good Luck!