House of Louis XV?

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  1. Today I found a catalog one of our guests left behind and it's for the House Louis XV jewelry store. Has anyone purchase from there? The catalog says they have a real store in Scottsdale, AZ. There were some pretty things in there, mostly cocktail rings with big gems. Wondering if anyone has experience with this store... they are also online: Muchas gracias! :heart:
  2. don´t know them but fell in love with this beauty*me wants*
  3. Lilach...I Love It!!!!
  4. Oh my gosh I love Louis XV!!!! They have the most amazing jewelry there. They have some of the biggest gems in the world. And they are totally reasonable prices. The people there are great, and if you can't get to the store you can always buy from the website.
    I highly recommend Louis XV!:heart::heart::heart::tup:
  5. I just saw that they added a bunch of new jewelry to their site.
  6. My mom lives in scottsdale, I've never heard of it but maybe I'll go check it out :yes:
  7. I just went to the new Louis XV Salon in Phoenix and it is gorgeous! It has real venetian plaster, the walls and ceilings are lined with real gold! It's unbelievable. My husband took me there and bought me the most amazing diamond necklace. I love it! You have to check them out either go to their website or check out their new salon in Phoenix! The people there are SOOO Nice! They will take great care of you!
  8. I get their catalogs, but I've never ordered anything from them (yet).
  9. Leelee You Should!!!! :smile:
  10. Oh Wow!!! Not really my cup of tea,but its divine!!!! I have added that to my favourites list,beautiful designs and workmanship,and proper old school unashamed glamour!!! Its wonderful!!!!!!!!!
  11. I know, right! Seriously!:tup:
  12. Dont like them much....but they have a couple of neat ones....overall though..not my style at all....
  13. which one's do you think are neat bagluvluv? I love most everything they carry, did you look at their pricing too, you can't find high-end jewelry like that at prices even close to as low as Louis XV.
  14. Wow, very pretty. I am going to bookmark the page!
  15. :tup: