House of Hermes Scarves

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  1. OMG!!!!! That is fantastic. it is freaking me out a little though.....but i love it!
  2. It looks like a ghost shanty shack to me - albeit a very pretty one :shame: And is that chair just floating on the water?! :weird: The whole hut looks like it's tilting into the water - wouldn't the silk get all soaking wet??
  3. That is soooo cool!!!
  4. Oooh... thanks for sharing. I went through his entire site.
  5. beaumonde, you always find the coolest things to post!
  6. I hope no scarves were harmed in these photos.
  7. Thanks, beaumonde. :smile:
  8. I never thought such a shack-looking house could look appealing!

    Hm, I wonder if those curtains are shredded up scarves? :thinking:
  9. I wonder if I could build one of those..
  10. ITA :heart: Thanks for sharing :heart:
  11. That is so cool! Thanks for posting.
  12. Thank goodness none of these are my grail scarves. But to be honest, i don't recognise any of them :shame:
  13. I can see a BdM and a Vie Precieuse de la M :sad: - I would so love to rescue those two. I must admit I find this slightly upsetting - all that mud and water - each to their own I guess.
  14. Looks super cool.
    But the poor scarfs are hanging in the mud and water.