House of Harlow 1960 anyone?

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  1. Overall, not a fan of anything but her clutches. The clutches look nice.
  2. I was looking forward to this collection, since I love the jewellery and shoes, but so far I am disappointed. Hopefully, the next drop of bags is better.
  3. I like her clutches. They are pretty cute.
  4. Love it. Think it is adorable. I like items with personality. This bag has personality.

    This is not a comment on the line--just this bag.
  5. I just got the House of Harlow Tilda box clutch in pink/snakeskin for 95% off! It was only $50 + taxes. I wanted the same one with turquoise detail but it didn't clasp 100% securely so I just got the one. The "pink" one (officially burgundy Tilda) is in mint BNIP condition and it clasps firmly and opens fine too. I remember admiring both of these weeks and weeks ago but I knew I couldn't pay over $200 for one.

    20922-L-House-of-Harlow-1960-Tilda-Clutch-Black-Burgundy.jpg TILDA-B-2.jpg
  6. TILDA-B-2.jpg