House Of Hanover in London - Chloe, Bal, Gucci, etc.

  1. Alright, so they had a bunch of styles I'm not really familiar with so I wasn't able to absolutely definitely authenticate any of them (my boyfriend on the other hand, who enjoys a good game of "spot the fake" thinks they were over-stamped)...

    Anyway, there's a store called "House of Hanover" just off Oxford street in London (about 200m toward the station if you're walking away from Selfridges) that stocks a bunch of stuff like cashmere scarves and Italian ties and those sorts of things. They have an extremely limited number of what I *think* is old-season paddy's, bals, etc. That were marked down about 30%.

    For anyone who's in the area, it's probably worth a look.

    Oh - I just found a link for them: - the street is called hanover, probably explains the name! :shame:

    This is probably the most useless deal/steal message ever but I thought someone should potentially benefit from this store!