House of Dereon - what a find!

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  1. I love those open toes!
  2. I never knew the House of Dereon had a shoe line. They've got some hot shoes :smile:
  3. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for posting!
  4. Never tried them one, are they comfortable?
  5. honestly speaking their shoes are crap. If you are looking for something trendy that you'll wear a few times then its fine but if you want a shoe to wear thru a season then it's not worth the full price.

    You can get em @ DSW on sale. I bought a pair of linen pumps that I wore once because they are so uncomfortable. They are basically a more expensive version of 9 West shoes but a great way to be trendy on a budget.
  6. you took the words right out of my mouth. the quality of their clothes and shoes aren't worth the price.
  7. Not for me