House of Carters?

  1. Has anyone seen that show House of Carters? It's a reality show about Nick and Aaron Carter and their insane family. I caught about 3 minutes of it today and I couldn't believe what a train wreck of a dysfuncional, psycho family they are. I hope they're acting, because no family should be so out of control and violent against each other. Scary!

  2. uugh, this show is a wreck
  3. yeah i watched all 4 episodes so far, and they screamed at each other way too much! i can't stand BJ, drunk and always crying, she just doesn't know what she wants. so far it seemed like Nick and that twin sister of Aaron are normal.
  4. haha I've seen it, and they pretty much all irritate me. Why do they have to talk over one another?! Its like their all desperate for attention.
  5. In over a half century of assiduous and excessive televiewing, I have seen no show that can compare to House of Carters.

    This is it. The pinnacle of the medium has been reached, and a new standard has been set. Not only for television, but for White Trash itself. All erstwhile White Trash role models and icons are hereby put on notice: It is no longer enough to merely stumble around public establishments tangling one's stilettos in overlong pant legs with a baby in one hand and a cocktail in another.

    Not now, not after this moving homage to America's dynamic pharmaceutical industry!

    We cannot be kept down in the ring with K-Fed now that we have seen Nick pick his toes.

    I demand that the show be expanded to an hour. Two would be better. But what we all secretly want, what we all NEED - is the Carters Channel.

    All Carters All the Time.

    Social Anthropologists all over the world have fallen to their knees, tears of gratitude wet their cheeks. And thus it will be forevermore, because no matter what happens, youtube is there for you, and if the day ever comes when it isn't, somewhere else will be.

    While I cannot claim to be a fan of the Back Street Boys, and Aaron was so far under my radar that I had to google him, I believe I can predict without qualification that whatever musical offering is thrust upon the market, in the wake of this show, its sales will exceed all expectations.

    Although I would not personally buy the CD, there are millions around the world, who like me, are discovering this most remarkable family, and who will buy it. And any other Carter merchandise that the licensing people can come up with.

    Speaking of totally awesome investment opportunities, one has to wonder if MySpace will be receiving some sort of product placement honorarium, we can only imagine the tsunami of enraptured teenaged girls, not to mention the equally huge contingent of equally enraptured 45 year old insurance salesmen named Earl (who enjoy rich online lives in their cyber-identities of "hotchik18" or "funlovnblondgrrl") that may oblige MySpace to spend the honorarium upgrading their servers, groaning under the load...

    It is a delight to find others who appreciate this truly unprecedented television achievement with the same discernment and gusto.
  6. I used to be a bsb fan, but Nick and his family are really trashy. I have a feeling it's basically how they really act (I'm sure it's edited). I feel bad them. The show makes me sad.
  7. I was thinking the same thing too, how trashy can this family get. But in all fairness, they didn't have the best upbringing from what I understand and they have severe interpersonal problems to deal with and it doesn't just stop there! And for a reality show I have to say after seeing one episode, this is trash tv. Not a fan at all!
  8. :sick: :sick:
  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. i saw about a minute of one episode and just got really annoyed and quickly turned to another channel.:Push:
  11. The family went to the bowling alley, where Leslie failed to recognize that the black thing on BJ's face was a scab. She ripped it off and BJ bled. Leslie kicked BJ's purse and Angel immediately notified Nick, who failed to persuade Leslie to eat a cupcake.

    Back home, BJ conspired with Angel to pour Gatorade under Leslie's car and tell her it was leaking. Just when Leslie was busy, too, in the middle of an intense mind connection.

    Tensions were already high because the sisters had gotten into a heated discussion on the subject of corn in excrement, both canine and human, and Angel tried to touch Leslie's head. In the ensuing melee, Angel pushed a stool, which BJ ran into, hurting her foot and her shin, and making her cry.
    Nick is angry with Leslie about the scab incident. Leslie is angry because Nick will not accept that Leslie did not know it was a scab, and that is why she pulled it off.

    BJ told Leslie to get out of her room, and when Leslie refused, tore up cigarettes and threw them on the floor of Leslie's room. Angel and BJ conspired to place canine excrement behind Leslie's bed. Then they put it on the bed.

    Nick scolded Leslie for not being involved and ordered her to cut garlic.
    The family all went to see Leslie's band perform at the Cat Club.
  12. just horid!
  13. LOL!!! They are all really immature for their age.
  14. Nick is over dramatic...actually the whole entire Carter family is.