HOUSE, MD and Desperate Housewives Season finales!

  1. Agh! Yesterday I didn't have time to watch the house MD season finale! can someone tell me what happened?
  2. ok - House got shot...twice a disgruntled patients hubby...then the ENTIRE episode turns into nothing but a hallucination and ends with him just going to the ER after being basically you missed NOTHING!!LOL!
  3. I have never watched House until last night. I was intrigued to say the least. It figures that just when I become interested, it the season finale show.,,,,
  4. ^^ ITS A GREAT SHOW!! one of my must watch the re-runs...worth it!
  5. I hate Orson!!! How could he run Mike over when he and Susan are finally getting together??? :cry:

    But I loved Kyle McLachlan as Trey in SATC...
  6. I love House! The finale was trippy. The whole eye popping out thing kinda got to me.:sick:

    It is so weird seeing Hugh Laurie as House. He was Stuart Little's dad for goodness sake! :P
  7. OHMYGOSH! I just made that connection!! stuart little's dad? whoaaa.

    is so different from

    he's so dry and cynical on house. this episode sounds super creepy! is there anywhere i can watch it online?
  8. I am an avid watcher of house! my favorite show! the season finale grossed me out though! :yucky:
  9. I love love love House, but I have to agree with blushingbaby. It was gross epi. The dialog was rather amusing even if Wilson didn't get in on much of the action.
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