House, M.D.

Hey all! I did a quick search and glance and didn't see a thread for this show already. If I missed it, my apologies.

So, who here watches House? Love it? Hate it?

I love it. I'm a very sarcastic individual so I find House to be extremely entertaining. I even get to learn some more sarcastic and witty phrases.

Anyone watch tonights episode? I really like #13. Have they said her real name? I totally missed it if they did. She is like the new Cameron in my book. Anyone else get the feeling that this is not the last we'll see of Cut-Throat-B*tch?


Nov 14, 2007
Haven't been watching lately..I should really start watching again! I enjoy the show though. It's like the more intense version of Grey's and I LOVE grey's! :biggrin:
Dr. House is hilarious..I love his sarcasm.


Feb 12, 2006
I love this show, too. I'm not sure if I love the new gang, having seen the first 3 seasons in the space of 10 days and becoming used to the old trio's interactions, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I do genuinely like the new group, which helps, but I hope they show more of Chase and Cam than just 3 minute scenes. I think CTB is coming back, though, definitely. She scares me!


Rhymes with Banana
Aug 8, 2007
Western NY State/Boston
Don't know if anyone else has read some of my other posts but

:heart: I LOVE DR. GREGORY HOUSE :heart:

I have a thing for mean guys lol. That being sad, I also love the show. I think it's very intelligent. I haven't been watching lately because I've been so busy with school, but I am going on an internship and will have plenty of time to get all caught up! Can't wait to meet this new gang of people and see how things are!


Mar 27, 2006
Bay Area
I love house! I watch it every week and the re-runs on USA! I love the show because it's so interesting and I love house's humor.


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Apr 21, 2006
^^^no you're not crazy. The next new episode is in January, after the holidays. boo!!! I don't think I can wait that long! I :heart: House!!!

It's gotta have some of the best writing on television. I love their back-n-forth shots at each other, especially between House & Cuddy. Brilliant.

I didn't get #13's name either. And I think Kal Penn's (from "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle") character is written to be fairly similar to Kumar, a few years later! :lol:
I love House:heart:! Thought that the new group was better than the old trio. Can't get enough of Dr. House's witty sarcasm. I'm so happy that both Chase (too wimpy) and Cam (too love-struck with House!!) are no longer in every other scene.

Kal Penn's character is Kutner. I had hoped that thye will let "the *****" (Amber) stay. She can be quite funny in her single-mindedness in winning the game. In fact, of the 13, I throughly enjoyed Amber, Taub and Kutner's characters. 13 is not very interesting to me, despite the show trying to make her more mysterious. And let's not forget Wilson ;).


Mar 8, 2006
It's one of the shows I get in HD so that had me start watching it and I love it...he's got some great zingers!


Jun 12, 2007
Love this show, love House, love the storylines that always leave me with my mouth open. :love: