House got broken into....Balenciaga Family ok....

  1. Hi Ladies...
    My house got broken into..this morning
    when I went to the Gym....first thing I
    thought....somebody took my Bal-Bags
    in my basement....drawers were on the
    floor...closet doors wide open-one big
    mess in my house....I cried...but nothing
    much got stolen...they did not even
    take my Bal_bags...oh I was soo happy.
    Please be careful...for next time, i`m gona
    put them and all my expensive things
    and hide them...which makes me very think I have to hide things in
    my own home...what a life.
    Please be careful...there are such lousy
    crooks out there....:hysteric: :sad: :sad: :mad:
  2. OMG. I am glad no one was home or hurt. how sick of someone to break and ramble through your things. I hope they catch who ever did it. there are some shady people out there. sucks to think you need to hide things in your own home. i would invest in an alarm system
  3. Most important thing is that you're okay! Balenciaga bags comes in close 2nd.
  4. I'm so glad you are okay swiss.. and you BBag collection!! Be careful and I hope they get the punk.
  5. that is really depressing. you're so lucky they didn't take any of your b-bags! i really hate the thought of a stranger being in your house and going through all of your personal items. that is just a really creepy thought. there's some scary people out there! glad everything is ok though! :yes:
  6. OMG that is awful! I'm glad not much got stolen, but still, it is an invasion of privacy and personal violation. I'm glad you are ok, and your bbags are intact. Thank goodness!
  7. oh my! I'm so sorry that you've to go through that. My house has not been broken into but my car was (the soft top was slashed to gain access), but I can just imagine the horror of it all and to know that someone has gone through all your things...Really glad that you're safe and fine, which is the most important thing, and also your darling Bbags too! haahaa...stupid thieves, they don't know the good stuff! why be a crook and not know what to take??
  8. My home has been broken into before and it is a terrible feeling. There is a definitely loss of security when that happens. I personally didn't have much stolen, but I had a hard time sleeping for a while (even though the break-in occurred during the day while we were gone). I have a lot of empathy for you and I hope you will feel okay soon.
  9. sucks that your house got broken into, but it's a good thing that they didn't take too much.
  10. Swissflower - I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you! I'm glad that you weren't home when that happened, and that the Bbags are safe, too.
    This has always been a secret fear for me, too - that someone will take my bags. I know it may seem frivolous to some, but I can't seem to help it. I end up hiding my bags all throughout the house. :shame:
    Please be safe, and keep us updated! I hope they catch those crooks!
  11. Swissflower, so glad you are ok. And the bags too :smile:
  12. Swiss, glad you are OK and thank god they didnt steal your beloved bals...

    Hope this dirty crook gets whats coming to him!

  13. What a terrible invasion! Clearly, it must have been some unsophisticated dudes who ransacked the place. I know how you feel. When I lived in LA, I had my apt burglarized & they stole my jewelry.
  14. I'm glad that you are ok.
    All the best to you .
  15. oh my..... i'm so glad that everyone's ok...
    wish you the best :heart: