"House" co-stars call off engagement

  1. According to People: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20051905,00.html

    I think it's really sad! I love the show and the fact that they are together. They seem really low-key and sweet. I think the InStyle Weddings curse continues....(Jennifer was on the most recent Weddings issue cover). They looked to happy and in love in their pictures.
  2. I had no idea and I watch House, too.
  3. why oh why?? :shrugs: i love the fact they're together!! chase and cameron = a lovely & perfect couple! well, i just can wish the best for both of them :flowers:
  4. Are they still together though. The break-up could be ruse to get everyone off the scent.
  5. How sad. They were cute together. There's an InStyle curse?
  6. Sad
  7. I didnt even know they were a couple! Thats sad, that might get awkward on the set.
  8. Wow I didn't realize they were a couple! They are adorable together...not sure what the InStyle curse is, but hopefully they can work it out :sad:
  9. The InStyle "Weddings" issue curse...

    While it could be that celebrities tend to have a higher rate of separating, but nearly every person who has been featured on the InStyle's Wedding issue has separated or gotten divorced. I think it started with Courtney Thorne-Smith, and the people who have been affected include - Shannon Elizabeth and Emilie de Ravin (from Lost). I believe all of them were on the cover (as is Jennifer Morrison). Just so sad.