House check beaton?

  1. Ok so i've never owned a designer purse in my life, and I never thought I would. (I could never see myself spending more than $50 on a purse!)

    But i've completely fallen in love with.. the "house check beaton" purse.
    And I want it. lol.


    I live in Canada though. :sad:
    Any ideas where I could get this? I've tried looking on eBay with no luck.
    Cheaper would be ideal! I don't even think i'm opposed to fake, as long as it looks like similar/the same as above.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. You can buy that Beaton bag in the Burberry online shops from their official website in the UK and the US. Go to
    Neiman Marcus and some other online dealers may have it as well.
  3. the beaton has come in several different colours over the seasons.. this is the new season beaton that comes in black and white so unfortunately there wont be many on sites like e*ay. i agree with regina, outlets are the best alternatives!
  4. Hi Regina, I know I can buy from them, but I live in Canada (Like I said in my OP), so I would need somewhere here I can buy it from, and i've yet to find a place.

    And I know some people are 100% opposed to fake, but i'm not. I'd like a purse that looks like that, the brand isn't a big deal to me.

    But thanks. :smile:
  5. Can't you send an email to Burberry customer service and ask them about outlets near you? I think they can give you some adresses.
  6. Hi. I'm also looking for the 'Burberry House Check Beaton Handbag', Style #31711868. I have had no luck finding one. I am not opposed to purchasing a fake, but would rather the real thing. This is the cutest purse - it's a must-have item. I just love it! Lisa
  7. Where in Canada do you live? I live in Ontario...there is a Burberry store in Troy MI...we go there all the time as it's only a two hour drive. Is this an option for you?
  8. Hi! I am new to the purse forum!! I, as well, am looking for the House Check Beaton. I would like the original one (tan housecheck with black or brown trim). I have wanted this purse since I saw it a couple years ago at the Burberry store in Chicago. I don't have the money to pay full retail price, but I didn't know if anyone had seen this purse in any of the outlets. I live in IL and know that there are a few outlets, but would hate to drive 3 hours up there just to look and leave empty-handed. I know that no one can buy/sell anything on this site, but has anyone been to any outlets in IL recently that could tell me if they've seen this purse there? Or on a website? I've tried eBay at least once a week for the past couple of years and finally found a few this past week, but I can't afford the $1000 price tag on them. :sad: I'm very envious of all who can. Thanks for any information you can give me! Hope to correspond with you all more! Love the forum so far!
  9. LadyTreeHugger -
    I live in Canada as well and can't believe how quickly I built up my Burberry collection - simply from being a member on this forum!! I have learned about so many amazing purchase opportunities from members posting about Burberry purses spotted at the different outlets (mainly Saks Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack). When a member kindly posts the info (either in the Burberry forum or in Deals and Steals), I call the store right away and ask if they ship to Canada (both Off 5th and NR do...) Then I ask for one of the SAs to help me find what I'm looking for. In the last 5 months or so, I have purchased an Eden, an Onslow, the small haymarket hobo, the haymarket chester, and the gold shimmer small bowling bag - and ALL of them were leads off this forum and all of them were TOTALLY discounted.
    Be patient - and keep your eyes on this forum. But please - don't buy fake!! It's totally not worth the embarassment if someone finds out!!
    Good luck -