House broken into...Chanels (and LVs) stolen...(Very long post)


Feb 25, 2007
Just before Thanksgiving last week my house was burglarized but thank goodness no one was home or hurt. Incredibly, both of the neighbors adjacent to me were home all day but did not see or hear anything. The thief (or thieves?) escaped with 2 recently purchased Chanels, some LVs, the Christmas presents I had just bought, and other small gadgets (iPod, digital camera, etc.). The Chanels taken were a black metallic 2.55 reissue in size 226 (that was nearly impossible to find in the first place) and a black Lady Braid satchel I had purchased for my mom (still in box with all tags attached) which was to be her first Chanel. My credit card receipts were all stolen, including those for the new Chanel bags, and I thought there might be a chance to catch the criminal(s) if they tried to return the LB. I purchased the LB during October's EGC so I placed a call to Saks to ask if they could alert me if someone tried to return the bag to them, but so far no news on that end. There are no Saks here in Hawaii, but there are 2 Chanel boutiques, so I also called them to explain my situation on the off chance the thief tried to return a bag purchased from Saks to a Chanel boutique. I inquired whether a Chanel boutique would accept a return without a receipt and unfortunately they apparently would, but instead of giving cash they would offer the person a merchandise credit. :wtf: I am completely dumbfounded. That thought just makes me sick to my stomach.

My question to you ladies is this -- what lengths do you go to to protect/secure your homes and Chanels? I am in the process of changing to "burglar-proof" windows and installing a home security alarm...and possibly getting a guard dog. In the meantime though, a friend suggested placing landscaping gravel around the perimeter of the house so if anyone should come near our doors or windows we would hear them coming. I do hope to continue purchasing Chanel bags again in the future, but am wondering where would be the best place to store bags not in use...I can't fathom purchasing a safe just to hold a Chanel bag or two but maybe it has to come down to that? :shrugs:

I had kept all of my purses in their respective dustbags in a closet shelving system and kept the authenticity cards close by in the Chanel boxes. I actually managed to find the authenticity card for the reissue among the mess the thief made and will keep my eye out at local pawn shops for the matching bag. My mom had kept the authenticity card with her bag though, and I hadn't thought to write down the number. I had taken pics of both bags intending to post in the reference library but never got around to uploading the pics to my computer so now those pics are gone with my camera. **On a side note, thanks to everyone who did post pics in the reference library...I was able to find pics of my stolen bags to pass on to the police department's pawn shop detail.**

My home insurance will cover the cost of the bags but I know the reissue is irreplaceable until at least next season. My mom does not want me to replace the LB she lost partly because of the cost, mostly because she doesn't want the house to be targeted again. My feeling is that we work hard for our money and we shouldn't not buy nice things because we are afraid someone may steal them. I am hopeful our possessions will be recovered, but also realize realistically the chances are slim to none.

This posting was way longer than I imagined it would be, but thanks for reading if you've made it this far...


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
Oh Twinks97, my heart goes out to you. This made me so sad. :sad: I will send some prayers and good wishes that these disgusting people get caught and you get your bags back. Hugs and good karma to you, darling.
Really sorry to hear about the burglary, twinks97. Thank goodness you're all right and no one was hurt. What would I do? Monitored alarms throughout the whole house (both doors and windows), short shrubberies around the house, motion-sensor lights outside the house, lights on timer inside the house (in case you work late) and letting your neighbours know if you're going to be away for a period of time. A guard dog is great if you don't mind them. Good luck.


Mar 1, 2006
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I'm sorry to hear of the theft of your Chanel bags. When my apt. was broken into years ago all of my good jewelry was stored in an old boots box. The box just said "Totes" on it and was stuffed between all of the other shoeboxes in my closet. Thieves are in a hurry and usually don't take time to sift through boxes among boxes to pick and choose things to steal. Everything in my jewelry box was taken (easy access) as well as a boom box in easy reach. I guess my point is, hiding the bags in non-Chanel boxes stored away in not so easy access places may be a good safety measure. Mine are currently on shelving display in my room, but then we have security measures in place.

Please don't get a dog for the sake of being a guard dog. I am highly against having a dog for that purpose if it's not going to also be a family pet.


Jan 5, 2006
Northern Virginia
Gosh...this is just horrible. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know that I would be devastated if this happened to me. Unfortunately, my Chanels are just sitting in my closet and I know if someone broke into my home, they are free for the taking. I'm always worried when we go out of town since we don't have a security system in our house. I really don't have a secure place to store them unless I were to hide them somewhere. At least your insurance will cover the costs of your bags....that's good news! Hopefully the police will catch these scum bags! Sorry for your loss.


Jun 30, 2006
Oh twinks what an awful thing that happened to you. *hugs*

I tend to put my bags in an odd location (mainly becos I'm out of closet space).


May 1, 2007
Sorry for the invasion of your home and loss of your possessions. I have had jewelry stolen and it feels like such a violation. I am so glad that your homeowner's will reimburse you. That is a real plus. Don't let the b.... get you down, get on with your life, buy another Chanel and alarm your house.:angel: will watch over you next time.


Feb 7, 2007
sooo sorry to hear that this happened. glad that no one was hurt. hope the theives will be caught and your bags returned to you. wish all the best to you and your family.
Oct 17, 2006
omg..sorry to hear about that..i cannot imagine if this happened to me....hopefully your insurance will pay you for all the jewelry, and precious bags. (hugs)


Feb 25, 2007
I'm so sorry Twinks97! Thank God that noone was hurt and at least that you have a house insurance that will compensate for the stolen bags! Do take security measures from now on as most Fers suggested!
BTW has it occured to you that the burglars could actually be people you know and were aware of your purchases or other possessions?There have been cases like this when the burglars proved to be the victim's acquaintances!
Aug 14, 2007
ohhhmyGod i am so sorry to hear all this! =( i hope it all works out with the insurance i know it can be a bit troublesome. i have a metallic reissue that i intend on getting rid of but it's a 227. i'm not expert but do you think this was someone you know that KNOWS you have all these nice bags?


Jan 15, 2007
How horrifiying!! A robbery is a violation just shy of being raped. Glad no one was home or came home while the thieves were there. We've all heard those horror stories. Rather than getting a guard dog, which can be shot, drugged, perhaps well hidden security cameras in strategic locations. It may not stop a robbery, but catch a thief afterwards. I keep a Chanel folder with receipts. Makes me think perhaps taking a pic of each bag with its authenticity card but in the grand scheme of things that's may not be of help or comfort either. It's why there is homeowner's insurance. Wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead.


Oct 13, 2006
I am soo sorry to hear that -where I live it is very hard to break into as it is a house converted into apartments and we have security round our area, but where I lived in a house before we were burgled 5 times! So I know how you feel. My advice would be to get security cameras (hidden ones) and I hide my Chanels and jewllery in a secret place which theifs would just not have the time to find. I do this whenever I know I am gonna be away from my house for more than 8 hours. Important thing; you were not hurt and bags, gadgets can ALWAYS be repalced but you or your family cannot x