House: Anybody watch the season premiere

  1. I love me some House! I tell you House could be my baby's daddy any time! :graucho:

    Loved last night's episode, but was frustrated by the behavior of Cuddy and House's best friend. This whole psychological intervention to get him off his need for psychological highs seems so heavy handed. The poor man just regains his health and there they go with the anvil and hammer wanting him to make all these radical personal changes. I was just happy to see him happy and enjoying teasing people. One thing at a time let him enjoy his newfound health BEFORE you start demanding changes and what right is it of there's anyway. People should change because they want to!
  2. I'm addicted to House and I don't want any commercial TV (only Sunday nights HBO). Great, great series. Love Hugh Laurie. I usually really like Cuddy and love their reparte. His friend Wilson is getting just plain annoying.

    The big question is who will House sleep with season: Cuddy, Cameron or Wilson??
  3. love the show.. hooked on it now.. and yeah, kinda sad that cuddy didn't tell him about that patient... will be buying the dvd's for the first two season...
  4. :roflmfao: Wilson! :yucky: :lol:

    Hugh Laurie is :drool:

    I'm so glad its back on, except I was a little perturbed by the season finale...:yucky:
  5. I watched it the other was pretty good. I'm glad that it's back on...miss that curmudgeon.
  6. :wlae:OH yeah HOUSE is back - long live House!

    This is why I have a DVR. Have to look into those prior seasons too.
  8. Yes, yes he is.

    As for who he will end up with, loved how he totally messed with Cameron's head. Is it really true, she just likes wounded birds that she can nurture?

    I think it has been alluded to that he and Cuddy have know each other in the biblical sense before, so I choose Chase. Did you see how excited he was to have him return? :P
  9. Ok, who has slept with whom so far in House?
  10. I love, love, love, House!!! He is so sexy as Dr. House, I try to forget that he was also Stewart Little's dad, in that movie!!

    I think there's going to be a triangle between House, Cutty, and Cameron. I would love to see him with Cutty though, cause I don't think Cameron is up to really dealing with him. Not the way Cutty can. Can't wait till next Tuesday!!!
  11. Have you ever seen him in his British comedy roles? He is very funny.
  12. House isn't the same without his cane. Although I really liked the part where he ran away from Cameron and slid into the other room. Hehe.
  13. ^^^ that was very cute!
  14. I agree with you Traci, I don't think Cameron can cut it when it comes to House.
  15. I watched it - it was great. I think the poop is going to hit the fan if House finds out that Cuddy gave that man the shot that made him able to walk. I think Cameron finds out in the next episode, so we'll see what happens!