houndstooth/plaid birkin on elle magazine?

  1. does anyone have a copy of the ELLE nov.(or is it oct?) issue with a plaid/houndstooth birkin in gold (brown)?? pls. share pics, if you've seen it! TIA

    i saw this bag in the H catalog and it's a runway piece! gorgeous! :love:
  2. It is also in Harper's Bazaar, page 126.
  3. Oh, someone PLEASE scan in a pic! I am dying to see this one!
  4. I had that mag, but I passed it along!!!!
  5. Pictures please? :nuts:
  6. yeah, want to see the pics... anyone?
  7. Away from home and cannot scan it. Will do Sunday if no one else has posted it. The one in October Bazaar looks like a 35 cm with ebene Togo, tiny check pattern, and palladium hardware. It is interesting, but not one I would buy. I do love the combo Birkins, however.
  8. wow.. would love to see pictures?
  9. Here's a couple from Australian Marie Claire, Oct mag. My scanner is out of commission so I just took a pic with my camera.:smile: Can't really see what the other Birkin is tho..:confused1:
  10. Sue you are the best! Thank you! That Birkin is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. subscription just got in the mail. from bazaar october 2006

    it's listed at $ 8150. really?
  12. :love:
  13. Wow- so gorgeous! Houndstooth is one of my all-time favorite prints.
  14. Omg The Bag And The Shoes :love:
  15. Maybe it's just me, but I am "so so" on the bag. Would rather have it in leather for that price...