Hottie is in da hood! Introducing Ms.Grenat Work!

  1. My new baby girl, Grenat Work has arrived:yahoo:
    When I took her out of the plastic bags that were protecting her from the harsh environment that she underwent to get to her new mommy.....OMG! I instantly fell in love:heart:

    Ooo, the smooshy leather, the deep saturated red.....she's a babe! Thanks a mill to our lovely monsoon for putting her up for adoption:yes:

    Now, the pics aren't as great as hmwe's, but you get an idea.....:drool:
    IMG_0457.jpg IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0455.jpg IMG_0458.jpg IMG_0459.jpg
  2. More pics....

    2 modeling pics of me.Excuse the small mirror!
    IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0453.jpg IMG_0456.jpg
    Hmm...makes me want to reconsider (again!) getting a grenat! lol.

    Congrats Toosh as if you needed another gorgeous bag!!!
  4. Congrats!!! High Five On The New Bag This Week!
  5. [​IMG]

    Tooshies - I love ur 06 grenat work, it really looks very similar to my previous 05 bordeaux work...while, u are temping me now.....hmmm, i probably will take this into consideration too....she is a beauty...thanks for sharing:nuts:
  6. LOL, I know, I know, I didn't NEED the bag, but you know how it is! Want morphs into Need......:nuts:

    I know I shouldn't be enabling you to get it considering how much you're getting in fall and your jacket....but if you CAN, get it! I'm in love with this color:heart:
    I was actually debating between Blueberry and Grenat, but I'm just so happy that I decided to go with Grenat.
    LOOOVE it! Let me know if you need more pics to enable you:smile::p
  7. Celia, you HAVE TO get it! It's the most gorgeous bag(in my humble opinion)ever!!!

    The color of the bag is deep saturated red, and the leather is TDF! She's smooshy and this color:love: You shoudl definitely consider getting this baby!
  8. ooo she is SEXY!!

    *cough* I think I have an unhealthy attraction to the Grenat bags posted on this forum. Somehow though, when I saw Grenat IRL at Barney's, I didn't love it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Maybe it was just that bag in particular.
  9. it's sooo pretty :yes:
  10. Great....i will put it on my wishlist...heheheh...thanks tooshies!!
  11. When I first saw Grenat in the store, I didn't like it. I think I grew to love it over time.....I looked through everyone's Grenat pics and debating on whether to get it or not....but when I saw hmwe's Ms.Grenat, I was sold!
    and also, it may just have been that particular bag that wasn't intriguing, or it may have been the lighting in the store.
    Hoenstly, the color is gorgeous.
  12. Wow! It's Huge!!!
  13. Love the grenat of your bag!! Congrats!
  14. Thanks everyone!!!

    I coudn't be happier with my Ms.Grenat.
    If there's anyone thinking about getting Grenat, definitely, absolutely, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
  15. looks great on you, congrats!!