Hottest new "IT" Bag?

  1. Help me out here...what is the most wanted "IT" bag out there now? I've been engrossed in trying to hunt a Birkin and I'd like to know what is really hot now.
  2. Dunno...really. All the suppose to be "It" bags haven't really made it yet! IMO. For example: Fendi B bag, Chloe Edith?, Muse? Celine Clandestine (sp). What else..
  3. Oh add Dior Gaucho to the list..
  4. Im personally in favor of Balenciaga. They are hot it bags!
  5. When you say haven't made you mean made it to the masses?
  6. I think MJ's perforated leather bag's gonna be an IT bag... Nicole Richie was seen with a yellow one... :lol:
  7. I think the muse is hot. How do people feel about the Mcqueen Novak ( only in leather, don't like the fabric woven ones)?
  8. For me, it's the Chanel Luxury Line...
  9. I guess the celebs that make the bag to become "it" for example last year it bag was the spy bag and balenciaga. I meant practically the spy bags were carried my most celebs and exposed on the media. This year..I haven't seen on mags that many celebs carrying the same bag like "spy". Well, I could be wrong..I don't really follow the celebs news. Also I don't see many people getting the fever to get any specific brand which maybe hard to find bag (beside Birkin).
  10. Yup, :love: I don't know how that one slipped my mind.
  11. Fendi B-bag, YSL Muse, Chloe Edith, and Dior Gaucho
  12. I'd say the Gaucho, Muse and Fendi Bbag, none of which I'm a fan of (no offense to those that are though! I just can't pull them off).
  13. As far as whats considered hot right now - YSL Muse and the Fendi B bag are the ones I keep hearing about.
  14. I agree. I think the Muse is the new IT bag because it's already everywhere. The SA in YSL says that this is their new signature for years to come, somewhat like Chanel's 2.55. I haven't actually seen the B.Fendi on any celeb yet, and I'm wondering if it's all just hype. But I do like some of the designs and I think it's going to be an IT bag whether celebs carry it or not.
  15. Fendi B Bag, even though I don't think it has long-term staying power. I think the spy has more longevity.