Hottest Latinas....

  1. These ladies surely hot, who's your fave hot latina then...:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. My fav latina is Salma Hayek!

  3. Thalia!
  4. Eva, Penelope, & Rosario Dawson. Why dont you have any pics of any boricuas up there? I used to like Rosie Perez but she fell off majorly! She was JLO's choreographer on the "In Living Color" sitcom. I also love Celia Cruz (RIP). She was the Queen of Cumbia and opened a lot of doors for dark latinas.
  5. Jessica Alba !
  6. i didn't know that jessica alba is a latina.
    My fav is Eva Longoria
  7. Is Shakira Latina? =)
  8. Yup, she was born in Colombia
  9. JA born in California and I think from italian family..not too sure
  10. Eva Longoria all da way!!!!!
  11. From her IMDB profile (

    "Her father is Mexican, her mother is of French and Danish descent."
  12. I say Selma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez.
  13. Salma Hayek, Shakira and Adriana Lima.
  14. thanks Ayla:biggrin:
  15. Salma, she's aging so well.