Hotterthanhollywood Code?

  1. Are there any codes higher than 15% off w/ toutie? Thanks
  2. No current ones higher than that right now. If you can hold off on your purchase, I'm sure they'll extend a 20% or 25% discount soon; their last one was for Halloween, so I'm sure there will be a Thanksgiving or Holiday one coming soon.
  3. I got this email on Wednesday:

    Get the jump on it! Simply type in GOBBLE into the coupon
    portion of the checkout process and 20% will come off your
    *This coupon cannot be applied to previously purchased

    *This coupon CANNOT be used on any version of the
    Black Halo Jackie O dress or any version of the Black Halo Mandy Moore Silk and Tweed dress.

    *This coupon is valid from today through November 24.
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Happy Shopping![/FONT]