Hotter than Sriracha?

  1. I've gotten addicted to Sriracha sauce-- I put it on everything, because I looooove spicy food. But I think I've built up a tolerance to it, because lately it doesn't taste hot to me anymore :shrugs:

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest something that tastes similar, but with more heat (like a LOT more)? I usually use Huy Fong, but I think it's too mild...


    TIA! :heart:
  2. Oh, I love this stuff, too. I don't find it overwhelmingly hot, I just think its soo tasty. It's hard when stuff gets too hot for me to be tasty. I am interested in what other folks suggest, too :smile:
  3. You want hot? Try Dave's Hot Sauce. I can't remember if it tastes similar to Sriracha, though.
  4. omg i LOVE sriracha sauce lol aka red rooster sauce.. i think :huh: can't remember now LOL
    but sorry cant be of much help. sriracha sauce is SUPER HOT for me lol
  5. When I want plain hot sauce, I usually use this habaniero stuff with a black label with skulls and X's on it. I love SUPER hot spicy food :p

    My complaint with normal hot sauces is that they're all heat, no taste. I love Sriracha, because it has a good flavor, but it doesn't seem hot to me anymore. I guess what I'm looking for is something with the same flavor, but more heat. IDK if such a thing exists, but I hope so! :shrugs:
  6. Oh man, I LOVE hot sauces! But I'm an old fashioned tabasco girl... I'll put tabasco in EVERYTHING... Sriracha, to me, has too much flavor, not enough heat! LOL :biggrin:
  7. I'll probably forget to do this, but I should ask my mom. We love our spicy Korean food. A little too much sometimes. :amuse:
  8. For hotness, I like tabasco (love the taste also) and habanero. Sriracha I use more for flavour as it's not really very spicy.

    How about adding dried chillies and cut up jalap[SIZE=-1]eñ[/SIZE]os? Different flavour though.
  9. I like to switch my Sriracha sauce up with the Sate sauce... it's made by the same company, but more like a oil based chile sauce. It's a bit smokier and spicier.
  10. i love that stuff. yummy! great on vietnamese pho. it was never been hot for me and i can never find any asian hot sauce that is hot at all. all the spicy hot sauce i found are in hong kong, but they are all home-made.
  11. I like Tabasco, but I don't think it's that hot and it doesn't have much taste to me. I like it on eggs, but that's about it :hrmm:...

    One of my mom's bffs is Chinese and she makes this suuuuper spicy red chili sauce that I LOVE, but I haven't been able to buy anything like it :sad:
  12. Claire, are you Korean too?

    Anyway, could you get the recipe from your mom's friend?
  13. Hahaha My roommie and I work together at the same dealerships and we have a bottle at every dealership that we work at lol.. Its so good and I haven't found anything better!
  14. Wow how I loooove Sriracha! It's not a very spicy hot sauce in the realm of hot sauces... it's more of a sweet/garlicky taste. If you want spicy, try to get some "lao gan ma" hot sauce from a Chinese/Asian grocery store. It's very authentic Sichuan hot sauce. All my Chinese family/friends swear by it!
  15. No, my mom is half Japanese, half white. My dad is white (half Jewish). I'm a mutt :p

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look for that! :flowers: