Hotels to stay in Paris while bag shopping??

  1. Hello.

    My DH is taking me to Paris for a weekend in February. We have been to Paris several times staying at various hotels, none of which were really memorable. We stayed at the Ritz last year, which was quite memorable but very pricey and may stay there again but was wondering if any of you lovely PFrs had any other ideas?

    Thank you.
  2. Jillybean and I stayed at the newly renovated Le Meridien was fabulous and not expensive!
  3. IMO the Ritz in Paris is not worth the money- the service can be inconsistent and it is badly in need of a renovation.

    If you want to stay somewhere REALLY special, I'd suggest the following:

    George V (they are reknowned for their customer service)

    Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris: A Luxury Hotel in Paris, France

    OR, if you are looking for something really charming, yet a *little* less expensive than George V, I'd recommend :

    Le Bristol

    Some of the rooms @ Le Bristol have a view of the Tuilieries and the Eiffel Tower, and you can't beat the location for shopping since its on r. du faubourg saint-honore. You can walk to all the sights from there very easily.

    Hotel Lutetia on the left bank, if you prefer to stay in St Germain de Pres:

    Hôtel Lutetia

    Have fun!
  4. prince des galles
  5. Hi Siri Anne !!!
    I think someone can help you here :graucho: !!!

    If I were you and wanted to have a memorable trip in Paris, I would go in the exact center of the city...From there you will be able to go everywhere:yahoo: !!
    I think the hotel in the exact center is Le Crillon place de la Concorde !!!! It's the best hotel here in Paris !!! And as you can imagine...the most expensive...

    Le Plaza Athénée Avenue Montaigne is great for shopping since it's also very close to Avenue GeorgeV...and the George V (avenue georgeV):wtf: Balenciaga Paris:wtf: is also great since it's close Avenue Montaigne;) .
    Both are close to Champs Elysées...and not far away from Concorde/Madeleine/Faubourg St honoré Area. In this area you also have a great Hotel as Roo wrote : Le Bristol (rue du Faubourg St Honoré)...and you won't be far from Haussman and the "Grands Magasins" (Printemps and Galleries Lafayette) but dangeroulsy close to Hermes:wtf: !!!

    If you need some help don't hesitate to pm me : I'll be happy to help you !!!
  6. Ohhh fromparis, I forgot about Plaza Athenee and Le Crillion! Good suggestions!
  7. Thank you so much for your suggestions. They all sound great.

    I have been to Paris many times, so not so much about going and seeing things as it is about relaxing with great food, great shopping :heart:
    and great wine.

    We have always just picked a hotel and stayed there. Nothing wrong with any hotel we have stayed in, just looking for that perfect Parisian escape.

    Thanks again, for all of your suggestions. Will be looking at all of them!

    FromParis....great to have you on board here! :yes: You know Bal Paris is first stop on my list!
  8. Siri Anne : I hope you'll tell us all about your trip and your shopping ;)

    Oh and I almost forgot : you have to lunch at Ladurée rue Bonaparte !!!
    Ask for a table at "rez the Chaussée" (not my 1rst floor ) !!! You'll see it's like a garden and the food (and of course pastries) are délicieuses !!!
    I invite all my friends there !!!
    And usually they are so happy they invite me back ;) !!!

    For Balenciaga Bags : Printemps (Printemps du Luxe my 1rst floor) has the best selection !!! Far better than Bal Paris !!!!

    Just a precision...cause I think it's different in english :
    my "rez de chaussée" = 0 floor = your first floor
    my first floor (so you have to take the stairs) = your 2nd floor
    Hope that make sense...
  9. Makes perfect sense, thank you FromParis.
    I am writing down all of this info and sending it in emails to my DH.
    I know he will sort out a very nice stay for us.
    Thanks for the tip on Bal Paris vs. Printemps.
    Printemps will now be the first stop in Paris.

    Merci, FromParis.
    au revoir, mon ami :yes: :yes:
  10. For Bal bags you'll also have a small selection at Le Bon Marché (there is a Bal corner at "my" first floor),
    and a very small one at L'Eclaireur rue des Rosiers.

    At le Printemps, you'll have 2 corners for Bal Bags :
    - the best : 1rst floor (called Printemps du Luxe) dedicated to bags
    - a smaller one : 2nd floor => bags+clothes
  11. Costes
    The hotel decorated by Christian Lacroix, which I believe is right across from Colette (or I am confusing this hotel with another?)
  12. FromParis, Roo, Jill, Rosierosanna, and Sonja

    Thank you all very much for your fantastic suggestions.

    I think we are going to go with Le Crillon. Looks fab!

    Thanks again;)
  13. Ohh, George V is my favorite :smile:
  14. Le Crillon????
    :yahoo: I'm so happy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Oui! Je suis tres chanceux!

    DH is a keeper;)

    Do you think Anthracite might be out by 22nd February? That's when we are going to Paris. I have heard some talk of mid to late February, but not sure.

    Thanks again for all of your help FromParis.:smile: