hotels near orlando's orange county convention center?

  1. DH will be attending a conference at orlando's orange county convention center next summer and me and the kids were thinking of tagging along. we'll need accommodations near the conference close enough so that when he gets burnt out (conference can start as early as 7am in the morning and can run as late as 7pm at night some days) he can walk back to our hotel but comfortable enough for all 5 of us (2 kids would be 6 year olds and a 15 month old).

    Has anyone been to any conferences at that convention center? Anyone ever tag along with their significant other to make it a family vacation? I realize DH will be busy with conference stuff leaving me to fend for myself so I'm arranging for family near by to meet up with us. We've done the wdw thing already so we'd probably do sea world or universal this time with maybe one day in Magic kingdom since that's the little kids favorite. Also anyone do Kennedy space center with little kids?