Hotels Near Atlantic City Convention Center, NJ

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this but I have to attend a convention at Atlantic City, NJ next month from 5th to 9th April and the hotels recommended were all fully booked. :sad2:

    Are there any forumites here from NJ who could recommend me a hotel that's close to the convention center?

    TIA and sorry for any trouble. :cry:
  2. No problem! You could stay at any of the casino hotels. They always have rooms available. Caesars hotel and casino is in walking distance to the convention center. There is the Hilton, the tropicana, showboat, taj mahal, resorts, trump towers. There are also many numerous hotels on the white horse or black horse pike...but those would give you about a half hour drive to the convention center. In the convention city area, they have a great shopping area, with a coach outlet and other great stores. hope this helps. what area are you coming from?
  3. Thanks so much CrazyBagLady!

    I'm flying in from Singapore and the Caesars and Sheraton are fullybooked. Am still waiting to see if they can free a room for us. :sad2:
  4. try the showboat, the always have rooms
  5. How about the Borgatta? That is the nicest hotel/casina in AC.

  6. I agree-My hubby like the Borgata the best
  7. The Borgata is pretty far away from the AC convention center, if that's where your convention is. You'd have to take some form of public transportation (and trust me, public transportation in AC is sketchy as heck!) or cab it every day. Definitely call the Hilton and the Tropicana. They're walking distance from the convention center & right on the boardwalk.

    Here's AC's website it will give you a layout of where the casino hotels are and which are closer to the convention center.
  8. my family has always loved ballys
  9. Thanks everyone, seems like most Hotels are booked up and the Par Avion is still trying to see if they can get me a room. The last quote I got was $399.90/night 0_o at Rodeoway, have no idea where that is...

    Can anyone tell me how long does it take to reach AC Convention Centre from Newark Airport?

    Thanks and I really appreciate all the help! :smile:
  10. I think it's about two hours depending on traffic. I'm from the Philly side of Jersey. :smile:
  11. Thanks! :smile:
  12. I've stayed at Caesar's and Bally's - both are wonderful.

    Have you tried or another similar site? I know they had AC rooms on sale a week or so when I last looked.
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