hotels in SF. any recommendations? please help! thanks =D

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  1. I'm a little embarassed :shame: to be doing this here but I'm really pressed for time and need some major help. Does anyone know any nice hotels in SF (preferably near Union Square) that do not run for too much? I guess, at the most, $200 a night? My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to rent a hotel room for the two of us.. we go to school in Berkeley and really want to get away for the weekend. Any recommendations? Pleaseeee help. He's a sweetie and I want to make this special for him.

  2. the westin st. francis..
    i believe its about 200 a night
    i stayed there last time and my bill was 400+ for 2 nights but that included about 100 in room service. it's right near union square.. about 1 block or 2..
  3. Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. I'd call Hotel Palomar. They're right in Union Square--right where the Old Navy is. GREAT hotel. Very private, small boutique hotel and not at all snotty.

    It's a great location--Chinatown, Union Square all within walking distance...
  5. The Inn at Union Square is a B&B practically across the street from Saks. It's divine.

  6. Westin St. Francis is a beautiful hotel! And it's right on Union Square! Tiffany is across the street, so is LV and Gucci. :love: NM and Saks as well. Everything is walking distancce pretty much if you stay there. Hurry up the weather is great here at the moment! It will be sunny all week( 70 degrees) :lol: