Hotels In Paris???

  1. i'm looking at booking a weekend away for me and my boyfriend to Paris, and i've never been so i'm stuck as to where in the city we should stay!!
    can anyone help and suggest any good hotels that are close to all the sights and amenities??
  2. Hi there - I had a girl's trip to Paris in February and we stayed at the Hotel Londres Eiffel - it's just round the corner from the Eiffel tower. It was good value and the breakfast was included. V comfortable although, as it's an old building, the rooms were small. We're really picky and thought it was great!
  3. There are many threads on this subject already...if u use the search will pull them all up for u!
    Have a fun trip!LOVE PARIS!
  4. I'm going to Paris for a girls' weekend very soon and so excited! We're still stuck between booking the Plaza Athenee and the Ritz. Both are very central! If it's St. Germain shopping and modern amenities you're after, the Montalembert is in a good location and are having a good summer rate.
  5. Do you have a budget in mind?
  6. We just stayed at the Hilton - Arc de Triomph. It was ok but wish we would have stayed at the one closer to the Eiffel Tower. Regardless I don't think it was worth the $400 US/night they would have charged. Hilton thinks a lot of their hotels.. lol
  7. Looooove Paris! My favorite neighborhood by far is St. Germain des Pres. The shopping is fabulous, very artsy avante-garde kinda neighborhood, lots and lots and lots of art galleries on rue de Seine, tons of cafes for people watching on the main blvd, and you're always close to the Metro.

    I stayed once at Hotel Millesime and loved it, it's a nice boutique hotel and not outrageously expensive. It's right in the middle of a great shopping district and around the corner from rue de Seine. It was clean and the bed was heavenly.

    If you're looking for the ultra-posh, over-the-top, glitzy side of Paris then look elsewhere. This neighborhood is more low-key and artsy.
  8. We loved La Tremoille in the 8th. Walking distance to the Eiffel Tower and some amazing shopping.
  9. I went in June for just under two weeks but I stayed in an apartment. Its not posh, just the bare essentials -- I wanted to use my money for shopping not accomodations! -- this is the exact apartment I rented. (Well, I shared it with a friend.) You would need to take the Metro to get to any of the shopping or many of the Museums and attractions not very much was within walking distance.
  10. i always stay at PARK HYATT VENDOME, love it! the concierge service is excellent! it's close to rue st. honore and champ elysse
  11. thankyou so much for all your suggestions!

    we've just booked, we go in february and we're staying at hotel Londres Eiffel, i'm so excited!!!!