Hotels in Miami

  1. Okay ladies, need your help once again. We are planning a girls trip and have never been to South Beach. We are looking for a hotel that is in the 250-300 range/night but within walking distance of beach and shops/bars. Any suggestions? TIA
  2. It kind of depends on your taste but the Tides is hot, Delano, Shelbourne, and the Hotel Chelsea.
  3. Delano, Clinton Hotel.
  4. Hi....I am new to the "posting" end of this board..but I have been lurking for a few weeks.

    Sometimes I am nervous about posting on message boards, because I see so much bickering and such, but you all seem like such a friendly and laid back group, I feel safe posting here!

    Anyway, one recommendation I have is The Hotel. Very close to a lot of restaurants, clubs, and shopping, but with a peaceful atmosphere.

    If you get a chance, try Wish restaurant. It's my favorite in South Beach!

    Other than that, you can't go wrong with the Tides or the Delano. I hear the Raleigh is nice as well. I hear good things about Hotel Astor too.

    You'll have a fantastic time down there!
  5. Welcome Denimshopaholic! I'm new here as well, but have been lurking for a while and only posted a few times. I find these girls to be FULL of great info and knowledge! Thanks for the tips, will definitely check them out.

    Ladies, thanks as well!
  6. I live here and I love the Delano and the Loews - highly recommend! they are pricey but if you're sharing, should be great!!!
  7. I also havea place in South Beach. I agree, The Loews and the Delano are the way to go. Check out the Bentley Beach. Big rooms, kitchen, etc. Like a condo. We booked my in-laws there for Christmas time and it was only $250 a night in high season.
  8. The Loews in miami Beach is fabulous. My husband & I got engaged when we were there! They used to even have a "girlfriends" package as of last year. Not sure if they still do--you should call. It's right on the beach and has a gorgeous pool. The service is incredible, too.
    Try to check the rates.

    Here's some gorgeous pics from Loewshotels:
    2.jpg loews.jpg 1.jpg
  9. I second the Delano, it's so posh! Loews is nice too. For a cute boutique type hotel I like the Kent too, although it doesn't have a pool. Stay away from the Clevelander and the Marlin, those are huge party hotels, you'll never get any sleep there.
  10. I have stayed at the Wyndham and it was lovely:yes: