Hotel recommendation NYC?

  1. I am looking for a hotel recommendation in Manhattan.

    Location is of utmost importance, and I am looking for modern, w/good amenities, preferrably 4 star.

    I have gone to, etc to see their photos and get ideas - but, I would love a personal recommendation from someone who has stayed in one of the hotels and can vouch for the service, etc.

    TIA!! :smile:
  2. The no way is it modern decor, but the historical aspect i think makes up for it, and the service is always top notch.

    I have stayed at the W and that one was great, on the upper east side.
  3. I love the W (any W) and the Mandarian Oriental. Both hotels are top notch. The W has a very modern vibe and the beds are so soft. Sometimes they have deals on their website. Have fun in NYC!

  4. Oh my - I just spent the last hour and a half on tripadvisor.

    Some very good information there.

    Thanks for the tips ladies! I will check out the Mandarin's rates/packages.

    I need two double beds, this has been an issue with some hotels, like the W, which do not have any double bed rooms available during my days of stay.

    My mom and I are taking this trip together, so that is why we need a 2 bed room.
  5. Mandarin is awesome!! there is a boutique hotel the next street called Hudson Hotel. VERY Hip but rooms are small if you can compromise on that

    NY Palace in ard 51st and madison is great too... i love the decor...

    St Regis and The Peninsula both right on 5th Avenue

    4 seasons right on central park.

    Soho has a bunch of hotels that are fab too. Mercer Hotel is my fav. love the food and bar there too. around the area is also Soho grand, [SIZE=-1] Gansevoort hotel[/SIZE]

    other bunch of hotels would be in the TIme Square area - W on times square and the Sheraton Hotel and Towers.
  6. The MAdarin is very nice probably one of the best, also if you want more downtown I really like the W union square, and the Gansevoort is pretty nice too esp in the summer with the pool
  7. Ok for you NYC ladies who would know....if these are the hotels up for consideration which would you give the thumbs up too?

    Weston Times Square
    Grand Hyatt NY
    The Dylan
    70 Park Avenue

    This should also give you an idea of my budget...I am sure the Mandarin is great, but at $1,000 a night it is out of my price range - I want to be able to shop a little while there too! All of the hotels I mentioned are in the $500-$550 a night range.
  8. Westin times square is ok

    grand hyatt - is that the one at grand central? i'm not a fan of that location ...

    did you check out Palace, St Regis and Peninsula and four seasons? they shld be around the $500 range too...

    i like those 4 better than the grand hyatt or westin time square

  9. Thanks so much for this info!! What do you know about the Hudson? :smile:

    Penninsula and Four Seasons are both over $1k a night...
  10. I went to new york last summer and my boyfriend and I stayed at The Dream hotel!

    it is lovely, staff are very friendly..rooms are ok size. It is very modern looking..kinda have a futuristic edge to it and it is a few blocks from times square which we loved!
  11. Pekie - The Dream looks like a lot of fun, too bad they don't offer double bed suites.

    Purly - the Lucerne sure offers a lot for a little! I will add that one to my "review" list!

    Thanks ladies for all the recommendations!! You all are really helping me out!! :tup:
  12. The Hudson, while gorgeous has the tiniest rooms
    The W's have no two double bed rooms
    My recommendation would be the Loews Regency on Park on the East side.
    It has a perfect location, great food for breakfast, late, late dinners or snacks, service is incredible and large rooms with double beds are available, we just stayed in one of these, in April, walked everywhere, highly recommend it.:heart:H

  13. REALLY?? Whoops... i didn't realize the room rates were so high!!

    ok the hudson hotel is an ian schrager hotel check it out here

    it's got a really cool bar that's a pain to get in but it's a pain to get in unless you stay there...

    the cafe there is YUMMY> i love their beef ravioli and their club sandwich!!