hotel nightmare

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  1. I saw this report on TV and it TOTALLY grosses me out. I will NEVER use a hotel glass again. If I have to drink water I rather stick my head under the faucet
  2. That was frightening :throwup:
  3. Oh good god. Honestly, I have NEVER used hotel glasses for some weird reason. Now I know why! I always use my hands to cup some water and rinse after brushing my teeth or quickly tilting my head back to take vitamins. I think I'll stick with that practice, or bring my own cups.
  4. UGH....even more reason for me to hate hotels :shocked::throwup::rant:
  5. I saw that report and that is disgusting. I'm just going to start using the plastic bottle from bottled water instead. Eww!
  6. I never trusted housekeeping anyway. I even use my own towels. In my experience, I have never seen a happy housekeeper. Every one that I encountered seemed very disengaged and agitated almost. They just give off a sketchy vibe. That is not to say that all housekeepers cannot be trusted, but I just personally prefer to be extra careful with things I use. This is absolutely disgusting and the reason why I ALWAYS wash my utensils/dishes/cups before using even if they appear clean. I just hope this doesn't happen in restaurants where the food is already served on the plate you're going to eat from.
  7. We always stay in hotels with kitchens, and as soon as we arrive my mom washes all the dishes, pots, and utensils with dish soap and water. I recommend always traveling with lysol or clorox wipes and wipe the door handles, tv remote, faucets, and other stuff that you often touch.
  8. eek, that's terrible. I always imagined they brought new sets of glasses that came from the sterilizer.

    Good thing the last couple of hotels I went to, one had plastic cups and the other was Wynn so I hope they at least would be clean, with their 5* rating.
  9. This is weird timing because I thought about this the other night when we were staying at a hotel. It was the first time I've ever thought about it, and like Pursegrrl, I cupped my hands instead. But oh the other times.... ewww.
  10. that is absolutely disgusting!
    I normally never use hotel glasses, I drink from a bottle and cup my hands to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth.
  11. That's absolutely GROSS. Terrible!
  12. :wtf::wtf: How disgusting!!!
  13. I'm totally going to wash those cups first. I hate hotels...another things that bugs me is that you never know how often they wash theirs sheets.
  14. GROSS! I hope those hotels got fined big timef or these health code violations!