hotel chocolat

  1. i have to tell you all about an amazing shop thats opened at a mall near where i live called hotel chocolat. it is amazing! they sell slab (thats right...huge slabs!) of the most amazng chocolates. unfortunately its a UK only company but the website will make all of you drool. my SO let me pick whatever i wanted for my birthday next week. i was so excited. it is such a sophisticated shop. sorry for all of the gushing but it is amazing
  2. WOWZA!!! SLABS of CHOCOLATE??? Yum!!!
    Their website is making me crave chocolate very badly.

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. aha i went there it's amazing...
    Can ruin anyones diet with just a glance at the place
  4. OH their website!! <<faints!! :heart:
    hope they deliver internationaly sO:huh::huh:on!
    thank u for sharing!! :yes:
  5. Cherry Pie There's been one at the Metro centre for a while now, it is fab haven't treid the slabs yet but they look so :drool:
  6. mmm...yummy:drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. Yup hotel chocolat def have good chocolate. There is one on the highstreet near where I live and pop in from time to time to treat myself :busted
  8. well THANKS for sharing that site that is ONLY in the UK!!:hysteric:

    You're killing me!!!

    those pictures look SOOOOO good but now i can only dream of them and i'll probably spend the next 24 hours eating all sorts of chocolate that will not satisfy me just because i saw those yummy pics and can't get my hands on them!!!!:p
  9. i must be a freak of nature but i don't like their chocolate :shame: i've bought some a few times and i've always been disappointed..
  10. I loveeeeeeee chocolate
  11. Why....only UK??
  12. We have a hotel chocolat but I have never been in
    Chocolate enrobed fruit :drool:
  13. I don't want to hijack this thread, but for those of you who can't get your hands on chocolate from hotel chocolat there is a Belgian brand called Leonidas. To me they are the best chocolates I have eaten. This brand can be found worldwide.

    It's weird but you can buy them online from two places in the USA. I've not bought from either place. On Café Chocolaterie you can select each chocolate that goes in your ballotin!
  14. Yep, everytime im at the Metro i pick up a slab(or two). The strawberry and creme and cookies ones are TDF!
  15. Lucky! I love chocolate.