Hot weather and MJ bags

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  1. Hi all!

    So, I used my Stam earlier this week and noticed that because it was SO hot, the Stam felt sticky, especially the handle area. I have really dry hands, so I know that it wasn't my hands.

    Has anyone else noticed weirdness with other MJ bags during this heatwave?

    Or, am I totally :wtf: :wtf: ? (And it's really ok if you guys tell me I'm crazy)
  2. yup. when it's really hot the leather expands and kinda sweats. I noticed this on the handles especially. and the zipper sticks more which is very annoying.
  3. During heat waves I switch to my bags that are made of Raffia or cotton. Fabric bags are the way to go in bad heat!
  4. Yes, I like my vera bradley for this type of weather
  5. That's never happened to me but thanks for telling us about it. I'm going to Vegas next week and I'll be extra careful with my Stam bag.
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