Hot Water Bottles

  1. My sister used to use that and a heating pad that had this puke green cover on Do they even still make these things. I haven't seen one in ages.
  2. I have a heating pad. They still make them.
  3. I get really bad cramps and everyone keeps recommending that I use a hot water bottle...maybe I should actually try it sometime. It really helps?
  4. ^^Yes, they greatly help. I used to use one but we don't have a kettle at the moment so I just down Panadol!
  5. I have one....the cover is shaped like a tiger it's so cute! I never use it though.
  6. When I used to have bad cramps I'd always get out my heating pad... same concept! The heat definitely helps you feel better though.
  7. I use wheat bags. I know people who use rice and make their own.

    Heat them up in the microwave.
  8. Yep!
  9. It certainly helps me. It relaxes my muscles in my abdomen. :yes:
  10. I don't use it for cramps, but I'm forever getting back-ache from heavy lifting in my job so I use a hot water bottle for that.
  11. I use an electric heating pad from Wal-mart!
  12. they work