Hot Tamales!!!! I Neeeeeeed These !!!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Wow, those are hot!
  3. Whoa, that's hella sexy! :love: It can seduce people just by itself.
  4. You could probably kill someone with that heel too! Now that's my kind of shoe!!! ;)
  5. Oohhh... that's some self defense right there! :lol:
  6. oooooh i need those.....maybe i'll break 5'5 :P.....that is one sexy shoe :love:
  7. Yea, since they're bringing out that little gold thing in the middle that was on some of the purses, I hope that means the purses will be coming out, hardly anyone likes them (the purses) but I love them.
  8. 0o00o talk about saucy!
  9. Those are hot !
  10. Sexy mamacitas! Me likey! :nuts: :nuts:
  11. [​IMG]

    The funny thing is I just bought a purse from Avon, that is white and has silver whipstitch, it is soooooooooooo cute, and really soft.

    If the LV shoes come out in silver and white I'll have to get them!


    All the patent leather shoes are going to be available in these colors:
  12. That's hot :biggrin:
  13. Super Hot!
  14. OK, the first one you posted is super sexy, but the other ones are hedious!! What's going on with the 3-layer tower of pisa one?? I wouldn't wear it if it were free. Yuk!
  15. I know right !!!! What is going on over at LV????? I only like the top 3 and then the white ones with the gold whipstitch, that would match my purse if it were silver stitching.