Hot stamps - my first ones! *pics*

  1. I saw pics of heat stamped bags some of you have and I decided to get myself a stamp , too. :smile:

    In London, they wouldn't make a large letter to my Speedy and I think that this medium one looks a bit small.. but it's somehow cute anyway. I also got a luggage tag to go with my Denim Baggy & maybe my Azur Speedy as well. The box that came with the tag is sooo super cute :p

    Both of the stamps are made with gold, because I was thinking that they'd be the best with my bags (the hardware is "gold", too). In the Speedy the size is medium and with the tag it's large.

    Anyway, here are the pics of my very first hot stamps. I hope you like them!
    vuitton_box.jpg vuitton_speedy_stamped.jpg vuitton_tag_stamped.jpg
  2. congrats !! they look great, I love the S on your speedy
  3. beautiful! it looks wonderful!
  4. lovely! I so want to do this!
  5. congrats!
  6. Lovely! I want to do it on my Lockit too!
  7. i love the gold on brown..
  8. ^^ ditto. Congratulations, they're great looking.
  9. I love them! You are so lucky they stamped your speedy! They only do that in selected stores
  10. i love this one
  11. So cute, I really want to do this!
  12. ^^ Me too! Looks Great!!
  13. Congratulations! Don't they make it feel even more special?
  14. Very nice, i'm hoping for a heat stamped luggage tag for Xmas.
  15. how gorgeous; i love the font for the letter S - very simple, yet, elegant. i would like to heat stamp my bh. does anyone know if LV would stamp it?